“10,000 kilograms of head!”

rValentine’s body,From one kilogram of weight,Start skyrocket,Until her weight,Increased to 10,000 kilograms of weight。
Freedom in the airrValentine’s Day,Because of the increment of weight,The speed of falling is getting faster and faster。
She is not expected to defeat the night.,r5It’s almost the same as her strength.,But it was defeated by the night.。
She is only trying to attack now,Forced back to standr5Leave。
But the plan can’t change the change,rValentine’s Day can’t think of,Facing her 10,000 kg,Night is actually there is no meaning of the idea of dodge。
andr5The explosion is different,Arrived color defense explosion,Can not increase the power。
10,000 kilograms of weight,Plus the speed of falling,Even a sea of sea,Take this trick,It will also become broken.。
Along with a huge collapse,Night foot under the foot,Because of the huge pressure,Directly broken cracks of spider web shape。
But letrValentine’s Day is,She 10,000 kilograms of head,It’s really tied to the other side.,And still caught in one hand!
What monster is it??Normal people pick up such an attack,Even if the power is enough,Body will also be broken first。
But the night is in addition to the floor,Because of impact,There is no trace of injuries at all。
With gradev3of“God’s grace”,Coupled with hero level,And mixed blunt people’s physique,Night now,Although it is still human,But it is already in humans.。
10,000 kilograms of zone,Don’t say that he is hurt.,Even let him get back,All are quite difficult things。
SteadilyrValentine’s Day,Anti-hand buckled its ankle,It is a deductible to the ground.!
It is clear,thinkrValentine’s Day,Ability to rely over the demon fruit,Most of the physical quality is not very good。
Night a shot of a shot,rValentine’s Day is also lost directly.。
Reason,actuallyr5this“Explosion fruit”The ability is still quite good,Unfortunately, I don’t know how to develop.。
Brain hole is not big enough,A good fruit capability,Actually used to play the nose,Simply violent。
finally,I still didn’t kill at night.rValentine’s Day,But directly out of the alley。
Look atrValentine’s Day is in a known,I don’t want to give up on my companion.,Night, no knife, kill two people。
Wei Wei also saved,He is now planning to continue the original process,To find the trouble of the sand crocodile。
During the period, the night is a little surprised.,He just followedrWhen Valentine’s Day battle,The system actually issued a task.。
And he is still unconsciously,Just finish this task.。
“Two tasks:As a hero,How can you see the dangerous woman in front of you??
Solving the princess of Wei Wei,Beat the attackrValentine’s Day。
award:Randomly extract once,Hero points one hundred points。”
Night thoughts always feel,He became“Two star hero”after,Hero points acquisition difficulty,It seems that it is lower than before.。
Previously this difficult task,It is impossible to have“Hero points”Reward,But now two tasks,The reward actually has hero points。
But the night is not entangled,More than a good thing,At least in this way“Samsung Hero”The goal,Not far away。
“Please wait,This adult,Thank you very much for saving me.。