He is not hesitant to follow。

Water shrug shrug,“Ugh,I really can’t take them.”
I have finished talking.。
Sasuke with the water and the heavy advancement,He knows where the position of the mask is said.,Yishabo’s place,Do you really have a face?。
Sasuke double boxing,Face is all angry and hatred。
But there is a rapid hurry.,I will blind in front of them.。
The black shadow of the person in the hand,Forced that they have to stop。
“this is。。。。”The water is like a person who recognizes this person.。
“Here can only let Sasuo a person in the past,This is the order,Other people still wait patiently”Ghost,Facade brutal。
“I see,I took them over,Just to prevent someone from destroying our one-to-one duel,This is just right”Sasuke said faintly。
“Yes,Anyway, I only allow you to pass alone.”Ghost。
“Water,Heavy,You are waiting here”Finish,Sasuke got up and hop,Directly by the ghost,Go to the front。
He is not in the sputum, it will attack himself.,It is conceivable to know how powerful confidence in this moment.。
Also known as,He is really can’t wait.。
“Cartry,And big knife muscle”Water moon is interested in。
“Did you forget it,I am the brother of the ghost light full moon.,Ghost”Water month。
“Oh,I really didn’t see it.,You grow up,Water”The ghosts are interested in interest。
at this time。
“Forehead,That is embarrassed.,Disturb you recognize,I want to find someone”A sound with a smile。
Then a person with a wooden mask appeared here.,Justu。
“Another,It’s coming to find Sasuke.,But I will not let you go”Ghosts looked at Spring。
Water month,I didn’t expect that Sasuch had just got to go to the door.。
“no,I am not interested in Sasuke,I am coming to you.”Quanyi reaches your hand,I will point to my weight.。
“I。。。。”Heavy priest。
“Be right,I am very interested in you,And I can solve the problem on you.,Is there interest to follow me?”Spring is put down and said。
“Feed,Hurry, we are our companions,Be excavated,Overs.”Say that the water is dissatisfied。
“I don’t ask you.”Spring is watching the water。
“I manage。。。。”The water is not finished yet.。
Quanyi eyes,A large number of roots must be extended from the ground,Wrap the water moon。
“Don’t use your hydration?,To know that plants will absorb water”Spring, I saw the water of the water.,Stunned。
“Your guy。。。。Hoot”This is not daren.。
The branches are directly sealed directly.。
“It turns out that you are the person who has sneaked into the base.,Wooden,It’s rare.”Ghosts behind the spring,Say with some interest in tone。
“how,You have to stop me”Springs turn to the head to see ghosts。
“Do not,My mission is just not letting others feel,The organization has not issued it to let me arrest your command.,But I am very interested in you.,I hope we can meet again in the future.”Ghost。
“You guys let go of the water”Hurdish voice。
Spring turned,I took the prisoner’s fist。