Leo thought to himself,After getting Weibull, he never has to grab time,Have a lot of thinking time。

“It’s not impossible!”
First96chapter Vampire fruit
That night,Leo stopped the green bull who fell asleep。
“Green Bull,I have to tell you one thing!”Leo looks at the green bull。
Green Bull looked at Leo suspiciously,I don’t know what Leo is going to do,Green Bull can’t speak because,So I always follow Leo,But the presence is not strong。
Not strong presence,Doesn’t mean that Leo will forget who is his closest。
“I have a clue to the devil fruit!”
Leo said this,The originally puzzled Green New suddenly showed a look of surprise,Seems to be asking where the devil fruit is。
Leo calmed the green bull:“Listen to me first,This devil fruit is a bit special!”
Green Bull in a hurry,He doesn’t care about his ability,If he is the talent brought by the Eudemons,The talent that allows him to keep up with Leo’s progress。
“Don’t worry,Listen to me,Although this is an Eudemons,But it belongs to the category of fruits for everyone,in other words,He is more suitable for humans!”