IGFourth hand selection,Then after this,Directly lock the skateboard。

then,The fifth hand choice,Liu Qingcong won the Buron for himself。
WELast hand selection,Kalmma with Zhao Yi。
Hereed,Both sidesBPend,The lineup is also officially identified.。
Blue squareIGline-up:Shangdad、Wild sword、Single demon、ADCSkateboard、Auxiliary Buron。
Red squareWEline-up:Lon Land、Wild Olaf、China single Karma、AD,Auxiliary hammer。
Perhaps because of Xi’an this venue,YesWEThe reason for the home court。
After the lineup is determined,The game officially entered this period of time between the line,forWEThe sound of cheers is particularly exaggerated。
But fortunatelyIGTeam members,I can’t hear these cheers.。
After all, they are in the headphones,Already slowly entered the status of the game。
Chapter 266 StrongWE
This way to the line,existIGDouble group get skateboard shoes Gabon,WELower roadVNAdd to the stone。
Basic on the line situation,It is already determined。
The competition has not yet started,But everyone has already basically a cognition.。
ThisWELower road pure line,The days will never be better。
Skateboard shoes are recognized as one of the most powerful heroes。
VNif,Compared to skateboard shoes,It’s going to be a lot.。
Bes back to the two parties,Liu Qingsong, although the hammer is robbed,But his Buron is also a matter of play.。
The other one’s auxiliary,IGThe study of his research is:Mid-range,nothing muchcarryCompetition。
Competing time3Minute15second,Skateboard shoesASpear,Piercing a resilive soldier。
then,Her body has just been geared with his passive position.,Her down a spear is instantly shot.。
A comparison,It seems to be a more fierce spear,Accurately piercing the hammer of hammer。
then,HammerQSkills out,Skateboard shoesAHave already shot。
Her body is gently jumped to the left,Jump into the soldier line,Also escalated the defense of hammer stoneQ。
then,Her body suddenly made a movement that fell backwards,Just like what to pull out。
It is also the moment of this movement.,The spear on the residual blood squad and the hammer body is all removed。
then,The blood volume of the small soldiers is completely emptied,The hammer stone is once again dropped.,His mobile speed is also reduced in most。
Big 子VNGo on,Want to give deterrence,But Liu Qingsong is ready to prepare。
BuronQAfter the skill is,VNYou can only stand on footsteps。
Skateboard shoes again,The hammer’s body is again hanging on a spear。
then,Palace clear aimed at a residuous blood shiftA,RearE,The blood volume of the hammer is still falling.。
Faced with skateboard shoes,Hammer stone thinks,Still not easy to hand over your ownESkill。
Palace clear,I also manipulate the skateboard shoes to remove。
This wave consumption and suppression,It is the epitome of the previous period.。
no way,The line strength of the skateboard shoes is too high.。
The big nepher is not the kind of powerADC,As a Korean countryADC,He is more good at stabilizing the previous period.,Medium-lapse。