Demon night staring at the sky:“impossible,I must be my mistake.。”

“What is the blood of Xuanhuang?”Dongfang Yin dead stares at the monster night song。
“I saw it in an old book.,The blood of Xuanhuang is the most mysterious blood between heaven and earth.,Biography is the blood of God!”Monster night song:“It is impossible to appear in any thunder.,But now there is now。”
“God’s blood!”Dongfang Yin Wen Yan Jozheng,Come to the gods,She also understands the true God and the true God of the heart in the eyes of the lower bounds.。
The real God is the peak standing in the god.,Or have the existence of the goddess。
“This is only the information record.,Who is not sure,Maybe I have been wrong.。”The monster, look at the flash in the void。
“Hope。”Oriental indentation,This is not a good thing.。
Just when the two talk,Blood color lightning is squatting on Lin Feng’s body,Lin Feng is overwhelmed into the bloody lightning。
Painful roaring sound,Vibration。
“Be awkward,Be awkward,Be awkward!”Foot-footed 81 blood color lightning bombardment to Lin Feng’s body,These blood color lightning is not concentrated.,Instead, Lin Feng is greeting.。
The painful roaring voice sounds again,Lin Feng is looking at the void,Desperately resist this bloody lightning。
This blood color is powerful,But more beneficial to Lin Feng is difficult to stop the blood in the lightning.,This blood is like a flame.,Burning his body and Yuan god,Let him feel unhappy。
“Give me break!”
Lin Feng bombards,This box carries countless starlights,Bombards on a bloody lightning。
Blood color lightning crash,However, it differentiates countless narcotic lightning.,These subtle lightnings come in,Bringing a more savvy attack on Lin Feng’s body。
Lin Feng screamed,It’s a bloody person,Yuan god bad collapse。
“He served him,Xuanhuang calcined。”Just when Lin Feng once again thought of it to resist,A voice came from his mind。
NS1300chapter Star clouds
“He served him,Xuanhuang calcined!”
Lin Feng heard this voice muttered,His figure is sitting in the knee,Ren this bloody lightning hosted in his body。
Pain is difficult to resist!
Even if Lin Feng, I used to play Tiandi two veins.,Repairing the flying violently suffering from the murder of this blood shint,It’s like an ordinary person to put into the stove.,The only thing that can be done is with powerful will to resist。
“Roar!”The painful snoring is issued from Lin Feng’s throat.,His figure is overwhelming between the bloody lightning,The painful snoring,There is a figure in the distance。
The owner of this shadow is like a ghost.,This person is the attraction,Receive the messenger looks at this scene。
However, his appearance did not attract the attention of the Oriental Inn and Demon Night Songs.,Or they can’t see this attractions at all.,He seems to stand like another world.。
“What do you think?”Just then there was a voice in the empty,A white figure is coming up,This person is white,Faceless,It is like a paper person.,He is sharp but sharp。
“can not tell。”Receive the peers:“This kind of thing is almost not in the history of the god.,Time to take this lightning time,Carrying the blood of Xuanhuang!”