The huge energy, the remaining wave blows all the things around the week.,Huge movement will also be prepared to process“Dragon-level disaster”Man,All to this side。
After the storm,Jeanos looked at the 18th of the air.,Introduced in the heart, self-doubting。
His equipment has been upgraded,According to the truth, his strength should be strong.,The power of burning guns should also be greatly improved。
If it is encountered before his dragon geeks,Jenos has a burning gun that is just a burning gun just running.,The other party is also not dead.。
But now all energy is added,Can you use two inciners,Just like the people who have been lowered by people.?
This moment,Jenos is completely clearly clear about the other level,It is too big to be too big to be too big.。
And before the other party’s combat detection,It is definitely not because his machine has failed.,But the other person itself is the same as Qi Yu teacher.,Is the monster in the monster。
“YesSLevel hero Jenos,What is going on,People fighting with you,It is this dragon-level disaster?”
Because Jenos’s funded cannon collide with the Qigong wave of the 18th,A huge movement,So before it is ready to solve“Dragon-level disaster”New Heroes Association,At this time, there is here。
For Jenos,New Heroes Association is here.,Beginning with him。
Whether it is a metal ball or a water dragon?,I don’t know Xiao Jienos is the Hero AssociationSLevel hero。
Jenos is a hero association,The energy response of the dragon-level disaster is also here,Then explain people fighting with Jenos.,The so-called dragon geeks?
When I see the 18th numbers flying in the half-air,The metal ball rod and the water dragon obviously exposed a face.。
Metal ball sticks are not women,If it is a geek, it will be calculated.,But the appearance of the 18th and ordinary human beings,I can’t see too much difference.。
The dragon is even more likely.,It is a batch of old colors.,The 18th is very beautiful.,Water dragons are even got to flow.。
Originally after seeing other heroes,I know that I have misunderstood before I have.,Jenos is not a so-called dragon geek,But this old color batch appeared in the dragon,Picture,Directly let the 18th show a dissatisfaction。
For a good colored guy,There is no good feeling in the 18th.,This should be known about the encounter of the Turtle Cactus.。
And Jenos is here to know that the 18th is not a new hero association.,It is revealed alert.。
Originally because of metal bats,Misunderstanding should be unspeakable,But because of the 18th, it is really uncomfortable to draft her behavior.,So I threw the past directly.。
And Jenos et al. Was very suspicious of the identity of the 18th.,Now the other party actively launched an attack,A battle is so inexplicable.。
At first, the metal ball stick and the water dragon also maintained its own guidelines.,Resolutely said that they don’t bully weak women,What do they still bulge?。
But very fast,When they find that physical ability is comparable to ultra-alloy black light,Easy to kick by the 18th,Jenos is played when playing,They found a woman in front of them,Fundamental with the so-called“weak”Can’t take a point!
Whether it is lightning or acssss,Although it is not a hero,But strength is comparableSLevel hero,Plus the increase in combat clothing,At this moment, the strength is even more than a generalSLevel hero is strong。
That is to say, plus Jenos,There are five events present at this time.SLevel hero,Such lineup,Even if you really encounter two dragons,Basically, you can also push it.。
But at this time they,It is quite nothing.……
Chapter 948 The first photo of the two sisters with the 18th
The water dragon fully plays his own epithelial punch,High-speed waving fist,Even constantly playing the sound explosion in the air。
But in the face of the 18th,Very fast epitutive,But even the corner of the 18th is not touched.,Even the whole process of the whole process is in the pocket.。
Metal ball rod increased through combat,A striking ball is moving towards the 18th,But it was gently caught in the 18th.!
Obviously the five plan,And they are allSLevel hero strength,But the 18th of the comparison and handsome,Jenos’s five people are unbearable.。
Even the metal bats have started the light behavior of the 18th,It’s already no longer,Started to ask for assistance to the New Hero Association。
The strength of the 18th is more than everyone’s expectations.,Even they think,That’s afraid“Surface strongest humans”ofkgNow here,Not necessarily the opponent’s opponent。
I know that they can beSLevel hero strength,And the other party can be enemy five,And easily press them。