He is very filial,After the woman with love,I will love his woman very purely.。

The premise is that his woman will not betray him.。
“cut,I don’t tell you.,You have no girlfriend in these years.,Not too because your mouth always lies??
If you deceive some girls,Take your heart,Children don’t know how many。
You look at Mu Ziyu,People now wash their hands every day,Happiness。”
Su Sei Ming also looked in Lin Ye。
I envy Mu Zi Yu。
“hehe”Lin Ye smiled,“Mu Zihao is to love people’s wish。
But what??
The wife is still raising the mother’s family.。
Not saying this now,First, how is the blue and Kiki injured?。”
Lin Yen said,Stand,Ou Jing, has been operated on the computer.。
Lin Yen is staring at the video on the computer。
Video around Kiki School,There is also a video around Blue Xin 。
Ou Jing, is going to play the next video,Lin Ye immediately called him:“Aura,stop。”
Ou Jingzhen stopped,It seems that the problem of Lin Ye discovered。
Lin Shuoxia:“That black man,Do you notice??
State in two different places,Dressed in the same clothes,And with a cap and mask。”
Ou Jing nodded,“Um!”
Lin Ye:“He has a problem,Although heaven is cold now,It is not necessary to do it.。”
Ou Jingxi quickly placed another video,Is the monitoring near Blue Qiqi:“You see time,He stepped on the school three days ago.。”
Lin Ye’s nodding,Low tone and angry:“It seems to be him.。”
“Send a video to the police,I will let the Jincheng go to the police station。”
Lin Yen said,Make a phone number。
More than one person now,He also became a venue,No need to go out to go out,Think of he feels happiness。
Half an hour later,It has already determined the suspect。
Lu Haocheng received a call,Let Oujing launched all the relationships to find that suspect。
And Blue Xin on the bed is also waking away,Open your eyes,She only feels the sky,She closed her eyes again。
Lu Haocheng looked at her opened his eyes,Excited。
Blue Xin is slowly open,Weak looks at him,She fainted,Forgot to tell him,She saw a suspicious black man。
“Ah Cheng,Should not be unexpected,I saw a black man left from the bill of advertisements.。”
Her voice hoarse,The pain comes from the arm,Let her look down。