“Qin Grandpa,I can’t afford such a great gift.,And I am really sincere with the snow.,I have a sick.,But not 100%,Everything is still to see if you can bear it.。”

Li Hui Xiang saw Qin Tianhao’s pair of eyes,At a point, he said that he is a counterfeit relationship between Qin Xue.,But just in an instant, he reacted。
But his heart is still very shocked.,He always feels that his father is not simple.,I even feel that my father can control people’s hearts.。
“hehe,I am not saying??
I am a cheap goods here.,It’s worth it.,And if you say that there is 100% grasp, I still don’t always believe you.,But you said 90%,Ninety-nine I have possible letters,After all, I have seen too much 100% result in a very worse thing.。”
“Let’s open first.。”
I heard the old man said this.,Li Hui Feng is also a gold needle in curious.。
When the wooden box is turned on even slowly。
One instant of the box opened,Li Hui is stunned.,Nine gold needles long short,However, it is actually a wire-like state with the gold needle.,How to use this gold needle?
How can I have a way??
Qin Tianjia is also a look。
“How about it?
Do you can use Xiao Li??”
“Forehead,Qin Grandpa,What you mean is before, but it’s not successful.?”
Li Hui Feng suddenly felt that Qin Tianjia said that he gave him this golden needle.,Trust him to treat disease,But more but test him。
“Can try。”
Li Hui Rong suddenly thinks that you can inject the life of Dantian’s life.。
When he quietly operates,Then take out a hair of a hairdryer to gently inject a silk life energy.。
With the injection of the silk life,Skumless hair is suddenly set up,And the pen is straight,The above is even golden,It’s a surprise that a lot of fire is full of surprises.。
Qin Tianjiao’s eyes are also a colorful,He didn’t come to the year of life, and some people can use this box of Yellow Emperor.。
The reason why you know this name,Still he makes many people to find out。
Because the strip of the box is the original word。
Li Hui’s mind is suddenly a gold needle.,Then he was painful according to his head.,The golden needle in the hand also fell directly into the box again.。
Seeing Li Hui Feng frowned,Qin Xue’s fear。
“breeze,Are you OK?”
“No,fine,It is a bit of pain in your head.。”
Li Hui strives to organize the content in his mind,Slowly understand it。
This is just a residue。
“Qin Grandpa,Can I try another gold needle??”
“Haha can,sure,This golden needle is yours.,You also have a person.,Stay in my hand is useless,And anyone can’t use it.。”
Qin Tianjiao said it is entirely from the heart.,And his illness, which can cure his disease, has suddenly added a lot of confidence.。
After all, the scene just now is a goddess.,I have always thought that the golden needle as the hair is like the old man.,But now he is known that the ancient medical knowledge is definitely poor than modern people.。
And those pharmacologies, even about the Yellow Emperor, I understand why, why is it flowing so far?。
The reason why the treasure can be called the treasure is naturally a reason for gas.。
Li Hui is gently picking up the second root,Re-use the life of the life in the body。
Golden needle once again issued a lot of golden light,Li Hui Rui’s residual volume added another。
And this time he understands more thorough。
Pick up nine,His mind suddenly became a usual,It’s a sublimation of the soul of the whole person.。