Except Li Tianchou,Almost no one pays attention to the new prisoner,Not everyone is exclusive,But nothing to say,Don’t even walk together when the wind is blowing。The prisoner always sits alone in the clearing,Occasionally look up at the sky,More often in a daze。

When Li Tianchou came back from the trial in the afternoon,,The new prisoner suddenly took the initiative to speak to Li Tianchou:“Your last name is Li?”
Li Tianchou nodded,“Li Tianchou。”
“Pay attention,They are discussing to get you,Don’t feel so good about yourself one day。”The new prisoner’s voice is low,But the tone is not very polite。
Li Tianchou frowned,Understand“they”Who is referring to,He was also prepared。But it is strange how this cold new prisoner suddenly became so enthusiastic,Is it just because I said hello on the first day of meeting?According to the character of Xiongtai,Poor speech and communication,Just came one day,How can I understand the situation in the prison so clearly?
Although strange,Li Tianchou still thanked him,And asked the person’s name embarrassedly,I owe my love to someone?
“My last name is Xiao,I won’t mention the name,Shameful。”The prisoner surnamed Xiao is very direct,Did not hide his scruples。
“I am younger than you,Just call you Brother Xiao。”Li Tianchou has a good impression of him,Extended his hand to show friendship,This is a great honor for other prisoners,But Brother Xiao doesn’t appreciate,I didn’t even move my elbow。
“Brother Li seems to be living well here?”The prisoner surnamed Xiao suddenly asked inexplicably,Slanted eyes,Seems quite upset。
“Ha ha,What does Brother Xiao mean??Lee dull,Can’t understand。”
Brother Xiao glanced at Li Tianchou,Then I looked around,Suddenly lower the voice,“It’s all up outside,Brother Li is very leisurely,Enjoy here、comfortable,The mood is really unusual。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighteen The blow begins
Brother Xiao’s words obviously meant something,This surprised Li Tianchou,It sounds like this person knows himself well。Who are the people outside??Hua Yun?Uncle Geng?Zhou Nan?Or he doesn’t know anything,Pure nonsense here?
Since I can’t understand what this person means,Li Tianchou decided not to make a difference,“Ha ha,Brother Xiao joked,Anyone who comes here doesn’t count as a day?How the outside world,What does it have to do with us??”
Brother Xiao stared at Li Tianchou,Suddenly smiled,“Makes sense,Brother Li still can see,Go with the flow,Not bad。”
Li Tianchou laughed too,Although the surface echoes,But I still hope this dear friend can say something new,But no more。Brother Xiao stretched,Shi Shiran walked to the grass mat at the door and sat down,Started closing my eyes。
This old boy is definitely not a fool,Eloquent,Li Tianchou is naturally unwilling,I’ve been in the detention center for ten days,What has changed outside?How is everyone in the car dealership?Has Huayun escaped the crisis??It seems that I’ve been living for so long, it’s a bit chaotic,In addition to arraignment,I really have nothing to do with Zhao Yong.。