Tian Wa ran away,In a while,The broken jeep drove over。Wu Wu opened the car door,Chen Donghai couldn’t wait to put Wang Youcai in。

This dead pig has a little weight,Chen Donghai was sweaty because of his back。
At this time,Aunt Wang and Julan ran over panting。Julan’s face pale,She said weakly to Tian Wa:“Bring me too!I want to see a doctor in town,By the way, take care of Boss Wang“
Chen Donghai,About to speak。Aunt Wang has rushed to the front and said:“Let Julan go,I watch the kids at home。All expenses of Boss Wang,From our old Chen family“
“I’ll go too“Chen Donghai said,Drill into the car。But at this moment,Wang Youcai takes no notice,He hurriedly pulled Wu Wu who was checking his body。Wu Wu instantly understood what Wang Youcai meant。
He shouted at Chen Donghai:“You can’t go,what’s the matter,We will find you again“Things in the world are like this。Wu Wu glared,Chen Donghai is really scared,He retired honestly,Didn’t say a word。
Tian Wa driving the car,Wu Wu sat at the front。Julan sat beside Wang Youcai who was half-lying,She was so anxious that she almost started to cry。
Tian Wa’s driving skills are not bluffing,He is in the army,Just for this。and so,After a rush,The car drove away from Chenzhuang,Driving towards Baishui Town。
Wang Youcai is lying halfway,Eyes still slightly closed。Sitting next to him, Julan kept testing his breath with her hands on his nose,Lest he died suddenly。
Baishui Town Hospital will be here soon,Everyone rushed to get Wang Youcai to the examination room。The conditions of the town health hospital are limited,Even if you want to spend more money,There is no place to spend。
It’s pretty good to be able to make a film,Of course there is nothing left。Logically,It was Julan who saved his life,Otherwise he will really die for his love。
The doctor announced that the problem was not big,Wang Youcai is embarrassed to put it on,He opened his eyes,Take a look at Julan and said:“This is endless,I’ll be injured,Must send Chen Donghai this bastard to prison“
“Wang Ge!What exactly is going on,Tell me, let’s take the lead for you,Just stay here to recover“Wu Wu said murderously。
The doctor saw that these people are not kind people,So scared to stand aside and dare not say anything。
Finance Minister Wang You exhaled,To the doctor:“Don’t arrange other people in this ward,Let her live。She had a high fever last night to 41 degrees,You quickly show her a good look,Don’t burn out“
“I’m fine,Still you matter“When Juran is talking,The voice is trembling a little。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help being furious,He shouted:“Lie down on the bed,Just your most nonsense,Be careful I kill you“Wang Youcai suddenly got angry,Everyone fell silent。Julan glanced at Wang Youcai timidly,Honestly lying on the bed opposite Wang Youcai。
The doctor hurriedly checked Julan,In a while,So I put a needle on Julan,And also asked the little nurse to bring me the pills。