original,The thunder puppet merged into thunder and lightning more than three times faster than Li Ming,And now it’s 30% faster than Li Ming。

30% speed,It’s hard for Li Ming to catch him in close combat,But long-range attacks with magic weapons are not impossible。
The only fairy-level magic weapon flying sword is in the hands of the second soul,But Li Ming also obtained several heavenly magic weapons during the years when he was a guest of the Bai family.。
Although it’s not a particularly powerful magic weapon,The bombardment on the thunderbolt puppet is also very difficult to injure a trace。
The four sword arms of the thunder puppet are constantly cutting out all around,Block the heavenly magic weapon controlled by Li Ming。
Li Mingde admitted,The strength of this thunderbolt puppet is equivalent to that of the blood killer killed before.。
But the degree of difficulty is definitely higher than that。
Unless you practice the supernatural powers of body protection,Otherwise it will never be as hard as the real magic weapon。The normal body of gods and demons is also much worse。
Caused his heavenly magic weapon to bombard,Basically can’t hurt this thunder and lightning puppet。
Chapter Seventeen One-armed swordsman
Whoosh~”A faint starlight glows on the surface of a magic weapon like a flying shuttle,Directly hit the surface of the lightning puppet,However, the thunder puppet turned a knife arm,Directly blocked this attack。
The lavender flying sword turns dexterously,Avoid the siege of four sword arms,Stabbed on the thunderbolt puppet。