And Zhao Yi is familiar with him,Of course, I know how strong Zhao’s play will be in this version.。

After this mechanism of the coating,His personal ability,And a strange hero pool,Can get the best way。
Although he is not strong,Can only be consideredLPLMedium in the middle of the line。
But under the career level,His walking and support,Can play the biggest effect,Create an advantage for your teammates。
This is alsoFPXandWETwo teams,Playing slowly。
certainly,This kind of tactics also said that there are more mature,From thisFPXandWEYou can see it in several small fields.。
but,Immature,It is already so powerful.。
After that, this kind of play is completely mature.,LPL……Even the entire league circle,What changes will there be,Then it is completely hard.。
Shake the shaking head,Palace Qingwen will take these ideas to the brain。
He doesn’t have to think too much about these things.。
Wang Hai is not eating dry rice,He is not a tactical analyst in the team。
“Hey,You said,Can not rely on the personal strength of the Chinese,What is it forced to lock in the middle??”
baonSuddenly asked,Just not waitrookieReply,Liu Qingong has shaken his head。
“No way,I have a study in their hero pool.,It’s all kinds of support.、Quick hero,It is difficult to force them to lock in the middle。”
“after all,Can play professional people,The gap between the line does not have a large existence。”
It seems to have organized a language,Liu Qingcong has been in a while and continues:“and,They can give up one-two wave lines of mid-,Also supportgankother places,In this case,How could it be completely locked them??”
baonRelieve,Then I can’t help but sigh.。
“A bit no solution, this kind of play,This defense tower mechanism is really annoying。”
In fact,baonThis spit,Not just because of this。
Version change,Various changes in the situation in the competition is huge。For the next way,This is especially obvious。
Some of the shortcomings in the past,You can also be concealed under the version of the dividend。
for example,In the past version,Earlier is over the line,soIGThe issue of the field of view is not exposed too exaggerated。
Another example,Support for the way,This has always been his weakness。
But this version is,After being drawn during the line period,For assistant players,The ability of this aspect is obviously higher.。
This also caused this,Wang Hai is now obvious and more willing to let Liu Qingsong play,Not him。
baonAlthough I will not be dissatisfied with this,But who wants to be taken to the position that belongs to himself.?
so,In these days,baonThe amount of training has a significant increase。
Although the effect is not particularly obvious,But after all, it is growing slowly.。
Asidetheshy,It is always listening to everyone’s discussion.。
His Chinese said nothing very well,But I still have any problems.。
but……He listened,I can’t help but join the discussion.。
“Hendure,Like a large scoop,Unwielded。”
Palace Qingwen slightly,Followed by reaction。
theshyindeed:them,Like more,Unwielded。
Don’t say anything else,“Unwielded”These four words,Still a crucial round。
Some missing while,Palace Qing Wen also feel,theshyIt should beFPXThat mediumdob,Or Zhao Yi is targeted,Otherwise, his reaction should not be like this.。
really,next moment,磕 巴 ‘s Chinese continues to ring。