“good,Hand to old willow。”Cheng Tianlong and Mu Jun also have。

“How to?”Lin Feng came to the face of the Secretary of the Heavenly People.。
“Give me it is not suitable,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce Headquarters in Central,In Huaying,I will give the President of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce Huajiang Branch.。”The director of the Southeast refused the proposal of Lin Feng and other few people.。
NS178chapter Front of the South Pole
“Ok,Delivery to Dragon,Dongxing,Come back to Delucks。”Lin Feng came to Dongxing Road in front of Dongxing.:“How do you know?”
“I know,Big brother。”Dongxing heard the title。
“Qinglong identity is different,He is the foundation of our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,He can’t have something。”The Director of the Heavenly Look at Dongxing Road:“This sacred light is heavy,Will vent all grievances in us,Similar Qinglong is also nail in their eyes。”
“I know,I have no opinion。”East Xing,He knows that the people of the Southern Submit,In fact, there is no need。
After Dongxing enters the Chamber of Commerce,Light for the right, a lot,More is grateful to Lin Feng,Born life can’t repay。
And the ancestors did need。
“There is another chance.,Danzhi buying a drug in the martial art,And I will list some medicinal materials to two tigers,You are also fully fitted with the purchase。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“Daily Ding furnace is handed over to the four major elders,We will find medicinal materials in the future,We can refine some medicinal herbs,Self-help four long and old breakthroughs now realm,It is not possible to peek in the future.。”
Night lonely,Mu Jun and others heard the words。
If so,The forces of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce will become more and more expanded,In the future,Impact the political situation has not been possible。
“Dongxing,Send me to the airport.。”Lin Feng looked at the East:“Four people stayed,Let’s come back with the ancestors Qinglong to take the zombie senior,Make a certain confidentiality,Unlucky。”
“This assured,In this country,I will block everything.。”The Secretary of Tiannan is silent, looking at Lin Feng Road.:“翩 你 你。”
“Do not worry。”Lin Feng turned into the mountains.。
His back is a bit of Xiao Zo,His hair don’t know when it is already white.,The Dongxing sigh behind Lin Feng behind Lin Feng。
After going down the mountain, Dongxing drove to Lin Feng to the airport.。
A plane is already ready,This is the private aircraft of Dongxing,It took 100 million US dollars to order,It is the largest armaman developed by Huahi.,Designed for private,Godflowg999,Hourly speed1200km。
The maximum flight distance is13000km。
Airport ancestral dragon,Hong Hai,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Two tigers,Love and others have already been waiting here.,When Lin Feng came from,They have gone up。
“Big brother!”
“I will come back very quickly.,You practice well。”Lin Feng looked at the people:“Love it to me。”
When I heard the words, I went to come over.,She handed the willow to Lin Feng.,Lin Feng hugged the willow to board the plane,Just when Lin Feng was boarding the plane,Dongxing’s figure chase。
“Big brother,I will go.。”Dongxing Road:“I open a plane,I have been to the Antarctic,The most cold area there is pole。”
“Ok。”Lin Feng heard a little bit,It is best to have a familiar terrain.。
Dongxing immediately took a box and handed a Zu Qinglong.,Zu Qinglong is confused。
“Uncle,This is a big brother who sent you.,You go to Shuo Mountain now,Will understand everything,Don’t open now。”Dongxing。
“I see,Take care of your big brother。”Zu Qinglong。
“Do not worry。”Dongxing 言 微 微 点。
“Take care of yourself!”Hong Hai,Xu Wenqiang,Big flying and others have also gone.。
Lin Feng and Dongxing nodded,When you are in the eastern life to come to the cockpit,Lin Feng and lovers came to the seat to sit down with Liu.。
A plane gradually take off,Go out,Godg999It’s all over the sky。
Jean Yin Feng double,Look out。
Love’s face still with tears,She is a bit hate Lin Feng,But when she saw the jade in Lin Feng’s neck,Her heart is slightly amazing,She stared at Lin Feng Road:“Where is the jade in your body??”
“It’s 翩 给 的。”Lin Feng responded。
“This is the amulet that her mother gave her before dying.,Her mother is also my sister,She told her,What day is,You encounter your beloved man,Just give this jade to my beloved man,Bless this man safe。”Love sighing。
Lin Feng heard the nose,He tears out again。
Silly girl!