And also thought about a lot of things,Every time Xiao Fan feels that he has a different harvest from doing anything,Whether traveling or working,Although the state of life is different,But it’s all rewarding。

He can think about some things,For example, this time he was traveling outside,I can calm down and think about my plans for the future,Think about how to deal with some things。
Think about your personal relationships,Think about how people around you can make them better,So this is just a harvest of Xiao Fan himself。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona told Lin Yoona after they got home:“Take a good rest first,Then I’ll take you out for dinner in the evening,Let you adjust your status,Then I can work hard after I return to the company,Do you understand?”
Lin Yoona nodded,Then tell Xiao Fan:“Got it,Go ahead and do your job,Don’t be too tired,Then we rest early today。”
Xiao Fan said:“it is good,Row,Then you can wait at home,Don’t do anything else,You have to wait until you are completely rested before doing work,Do you understand?”
Lin Yuna said:“You are too long-winded, I know,Hurry up and do your own。”
Xiao Fan smiled and walked out of the house,Chu Yao and Yiming also returned to their base,Also returned to one of his jobs,Because the two of them didn’t feel tired。
But feel that it has no effect,I want to return to my work even more,They can’t bear to watch Shen Lin and Su Ran keep getting tired。
I want to help them share some work as soon as possible,In this way, the two of them can also help each other well。
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy Eight Branch meeting
Xiao Fan returned to the company first,Want to deal with the company’s project,Because after all, this project is about to end,So after finishing the whole thing,He may have other things to arrange。
Actually sometimes,Xiao Fan is really in a hurry,He is also very busy,This is not such a thing all day long,It’s that kind of thing,so,sometimes,Xiao Fan really needs to prepare in advance。
So it is unknown now,The main thing is to finish the project first,He has to go back at the head office later,May have to take Yiming back to a meeting。
Yiming also feels that she is not tired,On the contrary, they are more able to devote themselves to work,Just a word from Xiao Fan,He will be able to return to the company immediately to handle the work he should do。
But now he stays at the base,Because I still have to pack my luggage with Chu Yao,Adjust your state,In order to be better at work。