Today’s auction market,Antique cultural relics are particularly popular,Not to mention the rare goods like Ru Kiln,It is definitely a treasure that can hardly be collected by money。

After all, millions of purchasing power are not particularly high now。Not like ten years ago,Millionaires are great。now,many places,You don’t have more than ten million,Don’t call yourself a rich man,Just joke。
Auctioneer Jiang Xiao’s vernacular voice just fell,Bidding:“Four million one hundred thousand!”
Many people know,I don’t have much chance of taking pictures myself,But still try my luck,What if I was photographed by myself?
It’s not like this happened before,A treasure,Deals with a little more than the reserve price happen from time to time。And it’s not uncommon,Because the reserve price is too high,The bidder does not buy it。
Almost no pause,Another bidder just keeps up:“4.2 million!”
“4.3 million!”
“4.5 million!”
Just one minute,Bid more than 20 times,The Northern Song Dynasty Ru Kiln pendant officially exceeded 6 million,Crossed the six million limit,Let the people at the auction house breathe a sigh of relief。
They know,Six million can definitely be shot,otherwise,I won’t give Populus this promise。
The audience in the live broadcast room can be regarded as seeing the real auction scene,Instead of those in TV series,They talked a lot in the live broadcast room,Blindly guess the price。
“Brother Hu is getting rich again。It looks like,In the end it can reach more than 8 million。”
“Not easy to say,I didn’t see the price rising more and more slowly,Is the amplitude getting smaller and smaller?”
“What can’t be said?You didn’t see,Hasn’t that big shot yet??Heavyweights will definitely give a high price in the end,The final word。”
“Eight million should not be a big problem,Although it’s just a piece of porcelain,But it’s Ru Kiln after all!Created two high-priced porcelain。No matter how bad,I almost have to touch the ten million line?”
“Hu Ge,Made a fortune,Should I send everyone a wave of benefits??”