Lin Yuner smiled,Immediately made Xiao Fan feel extremely embarrassed。

this moment,Xiao Fan suddenly regretted it,Just now,Why did you decide to let Lin Yuna sleep?,Why not be cruel,Wake up Lin Yoona,In this case,Then there will be no more embarrassing situation like this。
After Lin Yuna laughed,Just said to Xiao Fan:“All right,I’m fine,I went to take a bath!”
Finished,Lin Yoona got up from the bed,Crossed Xiao Fan and walked in the direction of the bathroom,In the middle, he didn’t even look back at Xiao Fan。
Pretend to be calm and walk into the bathroom,Quickly closed the bathroom door,Lin Yuner was leaning on the door of the bathroom like collapse。
Raise right hand,Placed it gently on my heart,“boom、boom、boom……”Never a moment,Yoona Lin felt her heart beating so fast。
Looking at my contented smile in the mirror,Lin Yuner couldn’t help but laughed at herself in the mirror,“Look at your unpromising look!”
After speaking,I don’t forget to stare at myself in the mirror。
After staring at yourself,Lin Yoona couldn’t help but laugh,But this time I laughed,But he didn’t laugh out loud。
Lin Yoona pressed her mouth tightly,Dare not make a sound,For fear of being heard by Xiao Fan outside。
After laughing,Lin Yoona takes off her clothes,Walked into the bathtub,have to say,Xiao Fan’s bath water,Every time is surprisingly good,Neither too cold,Not too hot。
There is always one more point that will be too hot,One minute less will make you feel too cold。
Satisfied in the bathtub,The cells of the whole body are open,To relieve the fatigue of today。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Two Perfunctory
After a long time,Lin Yoona is so comfortable enough。
If it’s not that I’m too sleepy,Lin Yoona really wants to soak for a while。
Let’s rest early,Thinking of things after daybreak tomorrow,Lin Yoona’s brows were very unconsciously frowned together。
Lin Yoona wraps up the bath towel,And walked straight out of the bathroom。