of course,The secretary will definitely not take care of such things,She won’t touch Xu Yan’s mold,I can only blame this big man Chen Jiannan for following such a young master,So unlucky。

Ding!The glass door in the office opened from the inside。
Three people paced out of the office,Leading the way is the chairman of Jinshan Real Estate,Xu Kaishan。
Xu Kaishan’s figure is extraordinarily burly,Although it is nearly fifty years old,But still looks muscular,Kong Wu Youli,Obviously the type of person who keeps exercising all year round。
but,Xu Kaishan who appeared at this moment,Did not show the majesty of the underworld overlord,But lower eyebrows pleasing to the eye,Leading the way respectfully,It seems that he is just a pawn,Did not show the slightest overbearing。
Miss secretary saw that the boss and the guests came out,Got up and greeted,Humble attitude。
Xu Yan at the door saw his old man,Immediately like a mouse meeting a cat,The voice went low on the spot,Dare not breathe。
Although Chen Jiannan doesn’t know the identity of the guest,,But Xu Kaishan is so respectful,He won’t be stupid enough to get in the way,Quickly stepped aside,Bowed his head。
The two people behind Xu Kaishan,A pure white,Looks like he’s only in his thirties,Gentleman,Wearing a slightly spacious black suit,Holding a black briefcase in his hand,Calm eyes,It seems that I don’t like Xu Kaishan.,But there is no obvious expression on the face,At first glance, it’s a person who is not easy to get along with。
Another chubby one,Face full of blessing,Always smiling,It seems harmless。
This fat guy is wearing a simple blue jacket,White shirt tied back,Dark straight pants,The overall dress looks a little loose and fat,The hairstyle is also very old fashioned,But the watch on my wrist is shiny,The style is also very trendy,It’s a little bit of quality improvement。
When this fat man passed by Chen Jiannan,Glanced at him with a smile,Maybe I am a little envious of this young man’s tall and strong figure,Even nodded,Casually smiled:“Nice guy,very energetic!”
This casual comment is almost polite,Probably none of the people here cared。
Only Xu Yan squinted his eyes,His fragile self-esteem has been hurt a little more。
Obviously he is Xu Kaishan’s son,I’ve been waiting outside for a long time,But when the guests came out,Only Chen Jiannan’s waste is in his eyes!