Maybe some people think darkly,But no one would say that,This matter is also thankless,Who dare to say anything?

“I also asked you very seriously,Do you really just want to treat him to a meal??If you really just want this,I have some solutions。”
If you want to go further,I also have a way,Just are you serious,You also need to consider this matter yourself,do you understand me?
at this moment,Yunfeng has already expressed his thoughts。
Many things are very straightforward,If you are willing to do it,This one thing is very simple,If you don’t want to do it,Then there is nothing to say。
at this moment,Yunfeng trembled,Because she also realized,If I really have such a son-in-law,,That’s also a very good thing。
Others don’t understand,But she knows that her company also needs a solid partner,A man who can let so many people surrender their wealth and lives,It’s not reliable,What kind of talent is reliable?
“Is not,I just……”
Jiang Yunyun still want to instinctively use some excuses,But Yunfeng said directly:“If I let you marry such a man,Do you want to?It’s not that I said that such a man is already very good in every aspect。”
I don’t say what degree he has,Because of that,You also know the nonsense,What else do you talk about mathematics, physics and chemistry at home,Do you still say how to act??Impossible?
Yunyun is also a little bit confused,She really didn’t think of these things,She instinctively wanted to have a meal with Qin Feng,Just eat a meal。
of course,What will happen after eating a meal,I only found out later。
at this moment,Yunfeng also has a bit of joy,Because her daughter will finally get the hang of it。
As for the robbing of her boyfriend,This thing for them,It’s even simpler。
In the eyes of many people,Such things are very normal,Because the only way to deal with people。
Of course,I don’t know how to say such things,After all, many things are very complicated,Everyone has different values?
This evening,Jiang Yunyun didn’t rest all night,Even when I wake up in the morning,She also found a very shy situation,I also dreamed of a guy like Qin Feng in my dream last night。
It’s just that something like this is not right,I have no contact with Qin Feng,Why is this the case?
Yunyun’s heart is very complicated。