Vinia“Slap”Open the box twice,Then turn the box around so that it faces Michael·Davis:“this is0Ten thousand U.S. dollars,If the team can agree to the game next weekend,This is the reward the boss gives to the team。”

Vinya didn’t say what happens if the team loses,But michael·Davis is not stupid,How can I not know the result of losing?Don’t talk about it0Ten thousand dollars in reward,Whether I can continue to be the head coach of the team is two different things.。
Greedily glanced at the stacks of dollar bills in the box,Michael·Davis took a deep breath:“Miss Vinia,Please tellboss,We will not let him down。”
“It’s best,”There is no shortage of warnings in Vinia’s eyes:“If you can win,It’s good for everyone。”
The Cleveland Browns are doing their best to win next weekend’s game from top to bottom.,A Boeing specially contracted by Chen Geng77on,A group of tech nerds at a data research company,But I’m not quite satisfied with Chen Geng’s arrangement……
“Hey,Leon,do you knowbossWhy take us to watch football in that poor place in Cleveland?Obviously the results of the Gold Diggers are better。”
First810chapter Must win!
Dorothy did not agree with Chen Geng’s remarks,With a bit of anger towards Chen Gengdao:“boss,Can’t say that,Although Cleveland is far from San Francisco,But since the Browns are your team,The Browns should beAMC、Home team of data research company,These bastards treat the Gold Diggers as their home team,This is a betrayal of the company culture!”
what did you say?
freedom of religion?
The boss cannot interfere with which team the employees like、Which president candidate?
Everyone is an adult,Don’t be so naive, OK?
Say so,But there are a few employees who are really not affected by the boss’s tendency?The boss supports the Democratic presidential candidate,He is at the company’s regular meeting“Hope and suggestion”Everyone supports this Democratic candidate,Employees who support the Republican presidential candidate,Really won’t be affected?I’m really not afraid that my boss will wear shoes for you in future work?Not afraid of getting promoted and raises the good things always pass you by?
Don’t be naive!
If you want democracy and freedom, just go,But your wallet and the monthly mortgage、Car loan、Insurance、Taxes and fees will tell you what it is“Really fragrant!”。
The great lighthouse country where cooking and simmering oil,Why did you curse the president?,But you scold your boss and police officer on the street,These people will teach you how to be a man?Not because of“Law of truth”This thing is not just for fun。
For Dolucy,My employees dare not support their own boss’s team,It’s a treason。
Chen Geng smiled and waved,Did not speak。