Kewei Zhengyi always believes,Knowledge can change destiny。

And the people around,Also listened to Wei Zhengyi’s story,Especially the one who drove Wei Zhengyi away,Can’t help but admire,Feel ashamed。That guy actually apologized,Indicates that I don’t know about it,Otherwise, I won’t do that just now。
“It’s ok!It’s ok!I just arrived,Do not understand the rules,Sorry!”Wei Zhengyi waved his hand quickly。
To reassure Hu Yang’s donation,Wei Zhengyi also took the initiative to say,Wait to go back to the mountains,Just follow the Huyang video,The remaining funds at that time,Every expense,Will be made public。
Populus does not matter,Smiled:“Now the network is very developed,Live streaming is popular,Like i am now,Is live。after,In such cases,I think the wild products in the mountains,Still very popular。To raise too much money,Maybe a little difficult,But it’s just a small difficulty like this time,You can open a live broadcast to sell goods,No need to go all the way back here to sell things。”
he thinks,It is better to teach people how to fish than to teach people how to fish!Everything,I still have to rely on my own。
Wei Zhengyi knew,It turns out that Populus is live broadcast。Just now,Saw the device held by another man,Just a little strange,Is the first time I saw。
After listening to Hu Yang,A little move。
this time,With the help of Populus,Solved the big problem。But next time?Remote mountain,Always encounter various problems。
in fact,Now even in the deep mountains,There is also a signal,It should be okay to broadcast live。If it’s like what Hu Yang said,Selling mountain products,Improve the conditions of the mountain a little,Maybe a good choice。
“This thing,Expensive?”Hesitate、Tangled for a long time,Wei Zhengyi couldn’t help but ask。
Get!original,This young teacher is worried about this。
Hu Yang couldn’t help but smile:“Depends on what level,What you use,Actually, there is no need to use professional live broadcast equipment,You can use your phone directly,It just consumes a little data。Anyway we have added friends,I have millions of fans following。If you encounter difficulties next time,Or what the kids need,Direct broadcast,Connect with me,I will help you then。”
Hear this,Wei Zhengyi is even more moved,I feel that this is the quality that the anchor should have。Use one’s influence,Do something good for society。
And the audience in the live room,Although there is a feeling of being used,But not disgusted,Rather happy,Feel that I can do something meaningful,Have expressed support for Hu Ge。
“Ok!Then I thank you in advance!Honestly,The conditions in the mountains are really bad。More than just the education conditions for children,And the living conditions of the people。but,Brother Hu, you are right,There are actually a lot of resources in the mountains,It’s just that everyone doesn’t know how to develop in an orderly manner.。”Wei Zhengyi said happily。
Chatted with Hu Yang and others for a while,I learned that Brother Hu and they have other things to do this time,So I won’t bother,Wei Zhengyi is not interested in shopping here。