“Ok,sister,I will work hard、Will cheer。”Tian Jin carries a male voice that looks like it’s still in adolescence,Say goodbye to Tian Lu。

He is carrying a heavy bag,Drag the suitcase to the next destination。Tian Lu shouted to him,Call“Taxi”Send him to the station。
Wave in the car,call“Contact again”Yin Yin Testimony,Until Tian Jin’s taxi disappeared from sight。
Tian Lu lowered her head and looked at the concrete floor under her feet,The big tears can’t stop falling,Can’t help but cry。
Why behave so well,Young people willing to do things,But can’t find a job like Ruyi,Not to mention the low job requirements,Why can’t I find a job?
She felt sorry for Tian Jin’s hard work、Sympathy and pity,Simultaneously,I also shed tears for my lack of strength。
Mixed mood,Especially seeing young,My cousin who is on the go,Sad,Tears are falling again。Tian Lu through her hazy eyelashes,Look around,All around under the gloomy mood,Nothing good“colour”。
A few days later,The second aunt called to question Tian Lu,Why didn’t you help Tian Jin find a job?,Said she could not find a job for Tian Jin in the Industrial Park of the Economic Development Zone,Don’t take brother and family seriously at all。
Second aunt still tells Tian Lu,Now I am mixed in the big city,Can’t even take care of the family,When I was young, I hurt Tian Luyunyun and other words。
Tian Lu moved her mouth.lip,No answer,Inner grievances soaring,Big tears shed again。From the squinted eyes,See the hardships of the world,I also saw my smallness。
Some things can’t be helped by her Tian Lu can help,She wants to help too,Can it be inadequate?。
Who can understand Tian Lu’s inner conflict and suffering。
Facing the second aunt’s question,Tian Lu only listened silently,No excuse,She didn’t want to hurt her second aunt with words,It’s too deep,It’s not too shallow,The second aunt was also in a hurry for a while and she said happily what she didn’t like,Didn’t even think about whether or not to care。
Tian Lu didn’t say anything。She always thinks that second aunt can take care of second uncle,She’s always admired,Do not want to refute or explain,So as not to hurt the simple hearts of relatives in the countryside。
First89chapter Accompany
After the last flower tearing incident,For Tian Lu’s“Hatred”It’s calm and calm,This makes Tian Lu’s psychological pressure a little less。
Commute every day,Very regular。this day,As usual,Tian Lu will go back to the apartment directly after work。
Arrived at the apartment,I was ordered by Xiaoyun to call Chen Limu。