There is often only one answer to the exam,If it is not correct,That’s failing,It’s cruel。But there are many correct answers in life:Keep learning is right,It’s right to pursue dreams,It’s right to find a stable job in the future,It’s right to challenge yourself to try new things……

Choice is important,Thinking is important,Giving up is also important。
Because of Xiang Chen’s call,I already graduated early,It’s happy,I wish everyone a happy graduation!
It’s not the first time Yuan Qing stood on the podium as a mistake,No one under the podium,Yuan Qing’s goodbye is also silent。
“Why don’t you go home alone in the classroom??”
When Yuan Qing was shocked,A voice that suddenly remembered jumped her off。
Turning his head and looking at the source of the sound,Location at the door,Have been stabbed by myself,Shen Wuheng, who was smashed by Xiang Chen in a wheelchair, stood there by the door frame。
“Are you here to get my revenge?”
Yuan Qing frowned,Looking at Shen Wuheng, he asked again,“Why are you alone here?”
Looking up and down Shen Wuheng,Yuan Qing’s eyes seemed to be talking to Shen Wuheng:You come to me for revenge,It’s not enough for me!
Understand Yuan Qing’s eyes,Shen Wuheng couldn’t help but said with a smile:“We all graduated,Do you want to be so violent?Can’t write off the grievances?”
Regardless of whether Yuan Qing allows,Shen Wuheng found a chair and sat down,Then he took out a piece of chocolate and threw it to Yuan Qing。
“They are all busy reviewing,After all, there is only this in lifelongfacai.once,When it’s time to fight,Still have to fight!So I was the only one who came to the school for a stroll!Chocolate is not poisonous,Don’t eat if you are afraid of death!”
Shen Wuheng deliberately raised his head,Looking at Yuan Qing provocatively。
Rolled his eyes,But Yuan Qing still ate the chocolate that Shen Wuheng threw to herself。
“You are not afraid of me drugging in chocolate?”
Shen Wuheng looked at Yuan Qing with a bad smile,In exchange for the blackboard eraser that Yuan Qing threw directly over。
Turning his head to avoid the blackboard eraser thrown by Yuan Qing,Shen Wuheng asked with a smile:“Do not worry!I don’t have that high technology,Do not worry!But why are you still here?Do you need to review before the exam??”
Shen Wuheng looked at Yuan Qing curiously,But this situation,The result is destined to be like a bolt from the blue。