Really going to be developed,Jin Sichang conveyed the decision of the leaders to Wang Dazhi on behalf of the Science and Technology Committee:Special approval to COMAC300Ten thousand dollars in funding and a straight-9Helicopter,Require COMAC to use this straight-9Helicopter-based,A tandem two-seater was rebuilt within three months、With short wings、A prototype of the weapon system can be added!

300Wan’s technical reform fund is of course not much,But the real value is the one that was originally planned to be delivered to a certain army unit.-9Helicopter,This is the real valuable guy,As for why you don’t need a fire control system but you need to add weapons,Actually very simple,It’s to check if the aerodynamic design of the aircraft is excellent。
The aerodynamic structure belongs to the foundation of an airplane,Lay the foundation,No matter how you change it in the future,But if the foundation is not good,Then the problem is serious,It’s like building a house,The foundation is laid,It’s not a problem to build a skyscraper,But if the foundation is not well laid,Let you build three, four, five, six, seven layers, you feel guilty in your heart。
Jin Sichang looked at Wang Dazhi with a serious face,Said:“Comrade Dazhi,This prototype can be fire-controlled,It may not have the ability to launch weapons,But must be able to carry at least8Red arrow-8Anti-tank missiles and two57mm7Tube rocket nest and23mmThe cannon flies,But also to be able to fly well、Flying stably,Can you do it?”
Obviously,at least8Red arrow-8Anti-tank missile、2A7tube57mmAviation Rocket Nest and23mmThe machine gun is Wuzhi-9The typical weapon in the future is weird,In other words,The short wing must have at least4Weapon mount points,Of which red arrow-8Anti-tank missile pass4One mount point for the pylon,Red arrow-8The weight of the anti-tank missile is11.2kg,8Missiles plus launch tube and two quadruple pylons,The total weight is approximately200Around kg,Plus2Full57mmThe rocket launching nest of the aviation rocket and23mmAircraft cannon,The total weight of the weapons carried is approximately900Kg to1000Between kilograms。
I quickly figured these out,Considering straight-9ALargest helicopter1600Kg of hanging load,Consider the weight reduction of the aircraft cabin,Wang Dazhi has a spectrum:No problem!
He has a chest:“Please rest assured,COMAC resolutely completes the task!”
First1342chapter Ballmer came to report
Back to the company,The first thing Wang Dazhi did was to invite over:“Mr. Kayapa,from now on,You are the chief designer of our group’s armed helicopter project,The state has allocated30010,000 special funds and a straight-9Helicopter,Only one request,Within three months,Reference AmericaAH-1‘cobra’The development model of armed helicopter,Make a prototype,Are you sure?”
Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa didn’t answer right away,But asked Wang Dazhi:“Just a prototype?”
“Yes,Just a prototype,”Wang Dazhi nodded:“Even the fire control system and the sighting system can be omitted。”
Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa confident way:“If it’s just like this,Three months,no problem。”