Xiao Fan said:“What else do you want to eat,I can push another car,I should put it down at home。”

“Forget it,Don’t buy so much,Can we come together next week?Buy so much at once。I can’t keep it at home for a month.。That’s boring。”
Xiao Fan was thinking about Lin Yun’er and he was right,Two people push the shopping cart out to shop together,I feel pretty good too。
If you can come out once a week,Pretty good。
Then Xiao Fan said to Lin Yuner:“That line,Let’s buy these first,Enough of these。”
“But ah,If I really accompany you to chase drama and eat snacks every night,Maybe I really want to eat all your snacks。”
Lin Yuner replied immediately:“It’s ok,As long as you get off work early,We go out shopping,It’s not me paying anyway。
It’s not me driving anyway,I’m not the one who pushed the shopping cart,I’m only responsible for selecting。”
Xiao Fan thought, I should eat less,Otherwise, it’s me who suffers。
And then said to him:“OK then,We will pay for these,No more,That’s it。To be determined first。”
So two people came to the front desk to check out。The little girl at the front desk was staring at Xiao Fan and she was dumbfounded。
How could there be such a handsome person in this world?,And still check out with him,What kind of fairy luck is this?。
But when he saw Lin Yoona standing next to him, he felt it,This should be his wife or girlfriend。
Such a nice handsome man has a girlfriend,What a pity。
Lin Yuner was also aware of the salesperson’s eyes towards Xiao Fan,So he immediately took Xiao Fan’s arm。
Said to him:“Husband, please check out,We hurry home。”
Xiao Fan,I saw the change of Lin Yoona,Also heard her tone。
Then I said to her when I touched her with my hand:“it is good,Go home immediately。”
After checkout,Together, they put everything in the shopping cart into the trunk of the cart。