The people surrounding the garbage mountain did not go up the mountain,Maybe it smells bad!They are surrounded by the mountain,Cover nose and mouth,Swearing。

Lu Menglin took a closer look,Suddenly frowned。
The people below,Looks mixed,All kinds of people。
Someone wearing a half body armor,Holding a large axe,A vicious look,Some people wear commoner,Hand holding paper fan,Not like warrior,It’s like a literati in trouble,Some look like mercenaries,The kind of people who live in chaos,Hand-held knife,Everyone showed malicious gazes。
At the forefront of these four to five hundred people,Headed by a team of brightly armored warriors,Their number is around ten,It should be the private arm of a wealthy family in God City,Arrogant,Eyes above the top。
Seeing Lu Menglin and a group of people coming down from the trash mountain,The leader of the team of samurai,A middle-aged soldier of level 41 raised his voice:“Bold fanatic!Openly robbed the sinner Lei Ji from the temple!I won’t catch it soon!”
Lu Menglin took a look,Seeing that Mi Xiao Chong was subdued by them,One sword and one sword on the neck,Pale face,There is still a blue mark on the face,It was obviously beaten by them while struggling。
“Who are you?”Lu Menglin frowned,Asked。
The middle-aged soldier didn’t even know that disaster was imminent,Still looks awesome,Proudly:“Your grandpa, I’m Sun Sanlei, the guard leader of King Jun’s Mansion,These are your grandpa’s friends in the arena。I heard you robbed people,We came right away,Unexpectedly!Haha!I deserve your grandpa!”
“Put down the sinner Lei Ji,Hold my head in both hands,Squat down!otherwise,All killed!”How is Sun Sanlei’s strength?,The shelf is very big。
“Jun Wang?I do not recognize!”Lu Menglin shook his head,Coldly。
“what?You rubbish!Even King Jun doesn’t know!On this point of insight,Dare to rob Leiji!Less nonsense,Don’t make grandpa bother!”Sun Sanlei said strangely,The helpers all around burst into laughter。
In the eyes of these low-level warriors,In the god city,Some people actually don’t recognize the famous King Jun,This is really rare!
They are more and more convinced,These are not from Shencheng,It should be a dumpling from outside,Act more unscrupulously。