Bob’s hair is standing up!

Although it sounds like a good thing,But don’t know why,He always feelsbossStaring at yourself,It’s like a chef looking at the meat on the chopping board:Cut it horizontally first,Still cut vertically first?
He didn’t even understand the difference between the two:Isn’t the maintenance department your business??Do it yourself and the maintenance department,What’s the difference?
Also,For a tech nerd,It is indeed a bit difficult for him to figure out the difference between these two subjects,Chen Geng waved his hand sympathetically:“You don’t have to worry about it,I have my own arrangements for this。”
Chen Geng is not too polite,But Bob has no opinion——Even if he has an opinion, he dare not mention it,Just been warned by Chen Geng,Made him realize what a stupid thing he almost did before,The frightened legs were soft and could hardly stand,Where would you dare to make up your mind??
Bob is out,Chen Geng is touching his chin,Ponder two questions:How to deal with Honda?as well as……
Negotiations with United Community Bank tomorrow,What kind of strategy?
At the beginning of the meeting,Rosemary realized that she had encountered a difficult opponent——She has never encountered such a direct、Such a difficult opponent……
“Ms. Rosemary,And gentlemen,”
After the two parties are seated separately,Chen Geng spoke,He nodded to the negotiator of United Community Bank,Very gentle attitude,But Chen Geng’s next words,Completely disrupted the previous preparations of United Community Bank:“I know everyone is here for the business flow of Fernandez and the auto loan,OK,no problem,Based on our happy cooperation before,Fernandez is pleased to entrust you with the business flow and auto consumption loan business,At the same time, Fernandez is also willing to help you convince our partners,Let them choose to work with you,As long as you show enough sincerity。so now,You can take out your terms。”
Your conditions are right,We just cooperate,Your conditions cannot satisfy me,We’ll work with another bank,No endless trial and error,No concessions,Chen Geng came up and played his own cards。
This is totally a way of negotiating rules,Or,For the current situation,This is a very, very effective way of negotiating that can disrupt the other party’s planned deployment,Like punching the master to death,Chen Geng’s words came out,All the executives of United Community Bank were stunned:This bastard,There is no way of negotiating that let us show our cards?