The biggest feature of the power mutant,Not strong,Thick skin,But can concentrate and explode in a short period of time,Form a multiplier of combat power,Only the power mutants who really master this technique,Can be considered a master。

Luo Leijun showed two powerful mutation abilities this time,The armor is embodied with the powerful strength of the power mutant and the mental power,It’s like exploding the previous accumulation in one fell swoop,Go all out,Leave nothing。
Seeing Brother Luo so desperately,The sophomore martial arts students who were going to play for him were all surprised at the same time,Closed his mouth。
Because they didn’t expect,In the mind of Brother Luo,That fat sumo wrestler is so powerful,Is it strong enough to make him go all out??
Seeing Luo Leijun on the ring so cautious,It’s completely like an enemy,All-out attitude,Even Kenhachiro in the audience put a smile away,With a playful expression。
“Did you perceive it??It seems that Beiwu University is not all idiots!But it’s useless,You still can’t beat Mr. Hetian。”Kanhachiro sneered secretly in his heart。
Beiwu camp is here,Wei Xiaoxing sees the heavily armed Luo Lei army on the ring,The same envy,I just have little stars in my eyes。
“Amazing!Sophomore martial arts students still have a few brushes,This red mist armor,How much does it cost to get it!Won,Won!Throw money down,It’s a ghost if you don’t win。”Wei Xiaoxing looks admiring,Muttered。
He Bu looked at Luo Leijun on the ring with the same curiosity.,Thinking in my heart,If I do my best,Can you split Senior Luo’s valuable red mist armor??
Others don’t know the truth,But the two of them stayed in Jingshen Valley for several days after all,Never eaten pork,I’ve seen a pig run。
Red mist armor like this,Scared
Valley Guards,It can be regarded as standard。
After purifying energy with the self-produced red mist in Yanai,And then through the mental power to visualize the ability to become the armor,Red mist energy in the armor,Not only protects against damage,It can also add power to the host,Such a set of red mist armor will sell for at least 30 million U.S. dollars in the market,And you have to buy it through military channels。
This red mist armor on Luo Leijun,In all likelihood, it is smuggled goods produced by the military,Because the red mist armor in Fright God Valley is more delicate than this,The defense is also stronger。
Power mutant,If you wear red mist armor,It’s just like a tiger,And this kind of red mist armor is not something you can just buy and wear,Must undergo rigorous training,It can be used in combat only after the mental power is highly matched。
“You two,Stop talking nonsense,Go to blood,Ready to fight!”at this time,He Bu and Wei Xiaoxing heard Teacher Lu’s voice in their ears。
The two couldn’t help but froze at the same time,Looked at each other incredulously,Make sure you heard it right。