You know this seat is not messy,Like a junior can only sit in the back,The front is an important person in the family。

And Xia Chenglong is very special,I can sit with those senior leaders,This is too much!
“Humph,What’s so cool。”Tu Cancan whispered,Express disdain for this behavior。
“Kid,Look at the two people on this stage?”An interesting question from the Three Elders。
Xia Chenglong looks towards the ring,The two fighting at this moment are also at the transcendent level,After all, the realm is too low to take it。
It’s just a battle between these two……
Xia Chenglong took a glance and knew the result。
The one on the right is obese,The realm is higher than the opposite,The whole body of the yellow-red aura gauze carries a hot temperature,Domineering。
And the other side is much weaker,The aura of its own water attribute cannot have any effect on the fat man at all,And the phenomenon survives under fierce attacks。
At first glance, the fat guy will win,Provided that……That fat guy can keep attacking。
The warrior of water attributes looks extremely embarrassed,Almost no room for fighting。
But since he walked in until now,The opponent did not use martial arts once,As long as the fat man uses martial arts, he will retreat,Keep your distance。
Repeat this week,That fat man’s aura must be exhausted,When the time comes, whoever wins is not certain。
“According to the current situation,The right side has a higher probability of winning。”
The third elders are quite satisfied with this answer,After all, Xia Chenglong didn’t insist on who wins and who loses.。