Xia Chenglong opened his eyes,Quickly make mudra with both hands,The five elements aura gushes out of the body,Go directly to the top of your head。

Really cunning!
Who would have thought that the other party would set the exit above their heads,and so……The most dangerous place is the safest place。
now,High-altitude mine group ten meters away,Because the special seal just entered,A beam of light hits the ground,Form a unique space door。
Sure enough, Wan Jianzong was the first major sect thousands of years ago,It’s really shameful just like this。
The others showed joyful eyes,After all, they have expended a lot of energy for this。
“let’s go!”
Xia Chenglong doesn’t want to stay here,To the people。
Just when everyone nodded to leave,Pei Tianchui, who fell to the ground in a panic, stood up,Then a weird smile appeared:“Everybody,Thank you for helping us open the channel。”
Pei Tianchui’s words?
Xia Chenglong frowned,I can already think of some things before they didn’t see it。