This is a shameful place outside,The decoration inside is extremely luxurious,It not only covers a large area but also has its own powerful guard。

Even if there are many people doing things today,Still looks empty and quiet。
Person doing things……
An instant,Xia Chenglong’s eyes were on the people coming in from the door。
There is more than a hundred meters between them,He still saw this humble,Something so conspicuous。
“Pull finger!”
Emerald green,Mellow water,That finger……
half year ago,Ruins of Medicine Ghost Valley in Cangliu Mountains,Great ruins as a sensation,Many, many masters participated in that competition。
So that was the first time I saw。
Later, the city was attacked by unknown people,Ye Ziqi is dead,In front of her also put the finger,Exactly the same。
It’s him,Is the real murderer of Ye Ziqi that he has been pursuing,Appeared today。
A powerful murderous aura echoed in him,So that Xia Chenglong at this moment,I don’t have the sunshine,gloomy,terror,Like Shura in the World。
Yingzi was too scared to move by his sudden behavior,Xia Chenglong at this time is too terrible,More terrifying than anyone she has ever seen。