“This company!”Victor brought a business card and handed it to Qiao Tianyu,“The other party is very wealthy,No bargaining,Just come up and eat all our oil!”

“It really is!”Qiao Tianyu gave a cold snort,Put the business card in his pocket。
Just on the way here,Qiao Tianyu has already thought out the countermeasures in advance,Just come in handy。
“How did you respond to each other?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“I told him,I’m just a manager of the company,You have to ask your boss about selling oil,I let them wait for news。”Victor said quickly。
“Ok,Good answer。”Qiao Tianyu nodded vigorously,“Victor,I just took over Yusco Oilfield,I don’t know anything about the oil field,You know that the oilfield headquarters,How much oil is left?”
“I don’t know this too,I will ask now!”Victor quickly took out his phone,Called the president of the crude oil supply department of Yusco Oilfield。
Because of the new boss,Victor easily asked the exact number,“2700Ten thousand tons!The sum of all oil reserves in the Yusco Oilfield is2700Ten thousand tons!”
“it is good!”Qiao Tianyu immediately sat down at the desk,Bring a blank paper,Signed a warrant to Victor。
“Victor,You need to do two things now。”Qiao Tianyu explained,“the first thing,You quickly contact this big oil dealer,Agree to15The price of a barrel of dollars will be what we currently have500Sell him tons of crude oil。”
“Then you have to explain to him,Say we are in Russia、In the Far East270010,000 tons of reserve oil,If they want,We can ship over,But add shipping,At least per ton20A barrel of dollars,have you understood?”
“20A barrel of dollars?”Victor was dumbfounded at hearing。
Current international oil prices12A barrel of dollars,Who would be stupid enough20Buy oil for a barrel of dollars,Don’t you want to lose the rhythm??
“Hahaha,There is an old saying in China,Call Taigong Jiang to fish–The bait!”Qiao Tianyu said confidently,“Do not worry,They will buy it!”
“Oh oh,OK then。”Although Victor doesn’t believe there is such a big fool,But the boss spoke,He dare not say anything,Had to cope。
“Second thing,After you finish the first thing,You immediately go back to Moscow to find Palizovsky,I greeted him in advance,He has been helping us buy oil in Russia during this time。”
“Then you will22The price of a barrel of dollars,Take all the crude oil in his hand,Waiting for my next instruction!have you understood?”Qiao Tianyu then arranged。