finally,Old man Zhou sighed,Open your eyes again and look at the computer screen。

This look,He is dumbfounded。
The stock price was just a little bit lower than the opening price,Now both have fallen to three or four yuan。
Look at Nande Steel,The same。
Motherly,Qin Feng is going to kill him,Selling now is a blood loss。
suddenly,The prices of the three stocks are no longer going down。
what happened?
A question mark popped out of Mr. Zhou’s head,Then he saw that three stocks had huge buy orders at the price of three yuan.。
What’s the situation?
Is it the rhythm of rising?
now,Old man Zhou’s eyes burst with hope。
But he waited for five or six minutes,Although the stock did not continue to fall,But it didn’t pick up,It’s just a small fluctuation around that price level quietly。
To know,A buy order will not increase the price,Only buy orders higher than the market price can drive the stock price to rise。
It is clear,These huge buy orders do not mean to actively buy。