In the car,George asked:“This point,The company is probably off work,Back to the apartment?,I see you off。”

Tian Ludao:“That’s far,Could you please put me at the station sign。”
George said warmly:“It doesn’t matter,I just stepped on the accelerator a few more times,I just went to sit with Mrs. Tan。”
Tian Lu heard what he said,Don’t say anything anymore,Let him drive。
George said while driving:“Tian Lu,You know why i treat you,Better than treating your boss named Chang?”
Tian Lu half solution,Replied:“do not know。”
George confessed:“People,Talking about a bond,I appreciate that you are responsible for your work,Willing to study and be serious、Talented girl,There are not many girls like you nowadays,If my employees are like you,I can sleep all day long。”
“Thank you for your kind words。”Tian Lu smiled,“Actually I just did my job,Not enough。”
“You are very dedicated,This is very good,Rare,I appreciate aggressive girls like you。Lin Xin you just saw,Also very good。”George palms the steering wheel,While saying。
Lin Xin glanced at him,I feel that he should have something to tell himself。really,George said:“Lin Xin was not born to be rich,She is a girl who came out of the countryside,Working hard for so many years,Finally got his own business,And chain stores are located in multiple regions,Is she a more accomplished girl?。”
The girl who can be recognized by George must be extraordinary。Tian Lu thought,Lin Xin is really great,Just to middle age,It’s amazing to be able to develop such a prosperous career。
Tian Lu suddenly admired Lin Xin。
After the car turned a big turn,Enter the road near the apartment。The guard is smart,See George and Tian Lu,Are all old acquaintances,Actively opened the automatic valve,Let George’s car drive into the mansion。
Yang Zi sees an outsider’s car coming,Another look is George,Welcome,Tell George:“Mrs. went to the gym。”