Is this a feeling of electric shock?,Is this the beginning of love??So cheap,UnexpectedlyakeyDreaming,Haven’t you woken up yet?。Tian Lu nervously afraid of hitting her head again,Call out:Sober。

at work,All day long,vaguely,Amei Chen glanced over,Looking strangely at Tian Lu,Sarcasm:“Is this girl wicked?,wrong,It should be spring。”Suspicious with a complicated expression,Then disdainfully“disdain”Tian Lu。
Meditated all morning,It’s time for lunch,Chen Amei knocked Tian Lu,I used to invite her to dinner,Today is to remind her that it’s meal time。Same woman,Chen Amei is here after all,Know more than Tian Lu,She squinted to see her colleagues walking out of the office one after another,Then asked Tian Lu in a low voice:“You won’t take a walk with the president last night,Just be overwhelmed。”
“Nowhere,Nothing。”Tian Lujiao’s denial。
No, no,Chen Amei just asked casually,But the expression betrayed Tian Lu,There is a saying that there is no silver three hundred taels here。A discerning person knows that Tian Lu was infatuated with the CEO last night,In all likelihood, I have a crush on。
“Hey,I tell you,akeyBasically three meals a day are eaten in the cafeteria。”Chen Amei pinched her finger,Revealed intentionally or unintentionally。
Tian Lu pretended not to care,Answer stiffly:“What’s my business。”The face clearly reveals joy from the inside out,Conceal the true inner thoughts,Chen Amei saw through but didn’t tell,It’s really hard for the unrequited person。
Tian Lu and Chen Amei just walked out of the office,Tian Lu instantly ran to her seat,Shouted:“and many more”,A-mei Chen’s inexplicable eyes follow Tian Lu,I saw Tian Lu in the drawer of her seat,Take out the peach comb,Comb the bangs,The light red lip gloss is applied and applied,According to Chen Amei’s opinion,Tian Lu is uncharacteristic,So pay attention to your makeup,“disease”It’s not light。
Tian Lu’s true thoughts are,In case you ran into it in the cafeteriaakey,Looking at her amazing,Maybe it will be attracted。
The childish behavior made her ruddy,A peach blossom on the face。
Finally boiled till meal time,Meal this time,For Tian Lu,Extra long。
When she arrived at the cafeteria,It’s not the peak time for cooking,No need to queue。
Tian Lu chose a few bowls of favorite dishes,Eyes wandering everywhere“Channel”,I hope I can see him。
But at the moment“Huge crowd”Canteen,Nearly a thousand employees are eating together,He couldn’t be found in the field of vision,Unavoidably lost。
First239chapter Heartbeat
Since andakeyHad a meal,Was sent back to Chentang Village,After some close contact,Tian Lu looks like a demon。
At this moment, Chen Amei really wants to use what to wake up Tian Lu,Can’t use cold water to splash,Better to wake her up with words,There is a saying“A good word three warm in winter,Bad language hurts June cold”Is it,Just use bad language to wake her up,This is a kind reminder,Maybe the kind reminder is a kind of love for her。
then,Chen Amei pretended to be nonchalant,Said intentionally or unintentionally:“It is said thatakeyOften come to the cafeteria to eat,But the staff rarely see him,It is said that there is a direct elevator to the dining room,He often eats in the private room。”
Wen Zhi,Really like a basin of cold water,In other words, the chance of encountering in the cafeteria is very small。Tian Lu“Oh”With a,Kind of disappointment,I didn’t pay attention in the pastakeyWhere to eat,I really want to know now,More than just listening to his meal,As long as the little bit about him,Tian Lu wants to know。
Finished eating,Return the plate to the kitchen automatic storage and cleaning library,The tableware is automatically transported to the dishwashing point by the conveyor belt。