Wang Shaoxiao blinked as he listened,Mockingly:“Elizabeth?This is a foreign girl?When did you soak?You kid can!I still have this feeling?”

Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Six Four or two
It’s still the cafe downstairs,What you eat is just a work meal,But the attitude of the people who dine is very different from last time。
Elizabeth, the strong woman from the Ten Billion Club, came by herself this time。
obviously,She already understands,In front of Venerable Lu,Not enough people to take,It’s better to be sincere as a person。
And this time they only ate for three,Sitting in a small deck in the corner of the restaurant。
Liu Niuer was probably to avoid suspicion,No one came,Just booked the time and place to eat for both parties。
Elizabeth looked curiously at that mighty powerful,And the young and handsome Lord Lu,As for the greasy fat guy beside him,Just ignore it。
“Here is a piece of information about Sanlu milk powder,If you can handle it,Those conditions,I will seriously consider。”Lu Menglin pushed the information to Elizabeth。
The latter just opened,Simply browse a few pages and put down the information,Turned to a bright smile。
“no problem!Mr. Lu,We already have this information,I also know the relationship between Ming Group and Sanlu Dairy。You want to fight the Ming Group,The club will cooperate fully。”
Elizabeth paused,Smiled:“Of course,Although the club is strong,But the influence in China is limited after all,We can’t defeat the Ming Group for you,Because their relationship with the senior level of China is so close。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“understand。No need!I only want you to create some momentum internationally,It’s best to attract the attention of those in power in China,I will take care of the rest。”
“That’s okay。The club has a plan specifically for such problems。I immediately contacted them to start promoting,It’s not a difficult thing。just,I am very curious,How does Mr. Lu plan to deal with the Ming Group??basically,As long as they don’t fall,Sanlu milk powder will be fine。How do you say in the Chinese saying?Thunder,Little rain,Trivialize,Trivial。”Elizabeth maintains grace,Smiled。
Lu Menglin took out two tissues from the paper box,Handed one to Wang Shaoxiao,Wiped his mouth with another,
Smiled:“The rest,You can match Wang Shaoxiao!Don’t worry about the others。”