“Participate in the trial of Jianyuan!”

Jianyuan Trial?
This is naturally the message obtained from the token obtained by Wufeng,I get excited when I hear this business chart。
“This is good,This is good,but……Where is Jianyuan?,How do we go now?”
“Right under your feet!”Xia Chenglong Jian KnotddReplied。
Just underfoot?
Quotient Tutu did not respond for a while,But just jump up the next moment。
This is actually the remains of Jianyuan?
Something is wrong,Deep ditch,There seems to be no deep ditch here either,Are these strange stone ditches called Jianyuan?
of course not,This is just the periphery of Jianyuan’s trial,If you guessed it correctly,That place is behind this strange stone forest。
Shang Tutu shivered inexplicably,The main reason is that the dark spirit here is too strong,It always feels dangerous。
Xia Chenglong stopped suddenly,The quotient chart that is still thinking about the problem almost touched it。
“Long brother,What are you doing,Why don’t you go,Is it possible that there are spirit beasts ahead?!”
“No spirit beast,But there are warcraft!”
There is a reason why he doesn’t go,I thought this stone forest was not easy,There really is something else。
Looking at the guy who appeared in front of you,Shocked besides shock。