“Oh!Dawson,You are so unlucky!”

Looking at the Yin Hong on Dawson’s chest,Evincent shook his head slightly and sighed,Then said to Robinson:“Try to drive the car more smoothly,Our friend has an open chest wall injury,I want to find a way!amount……I think his position should be a perforated lung,Difficulty breathing caused by inflating the chest cavity。How do i release my anger,Leave other things inside?”
Evincent thought,And then fell into a self-talking situation。
“If in the hospital,I can use needle and check valve,But now we are on a truck!”
Evincent looked around,Then he found the business card and tape。
“Too late to disinfect,Can only improvise!”Explained to Dawson,Use the account to fix the business card,Sealed Dawson’s bleeding point。
Turned his head and glanced at the persevering policeman behind,Mixed in traffic,Ivincent pulled out the pillow on the seat,Then ready to ignite。
“If you want to throw this pillow as a bomb,I think it’s impossible!But if you want to use the flame-resistant foam material in the pillow,I have to remind you,There are still wounded in our car,The moment you stick out this smoke bomb,They will lock us,Then we want to get rid of them,The car body will vibrate violently。”
Robinson looked at the lighter in Ivincent’s hand and did not immediately light the pillow,Quietly relieved。
“In other words,To save our friends,I’m going to give him a blood operation,Otherwise, that card can only sustain him6To10Minutes of life。But I want to confess to you,I didn’t pass my biology class!”
Evincent’s tone is a bit regretful,What surprised Dawson was,Talking stage fright,Evincent’s eyes are scanning the entire vehicle,Seems to be looking for surgical tools。
“I have a slight cleanliness,I can lend you my hand washing spray for disinfection!”
Robinson threw his hand-washing spray to Evincent,Two people who looked at something serious,Dawson suddenly felt that his life might be coming to an end。
The open trauma on his body makes Dawson uncomfortable,But what makes Dawson more uncomfortable is the eager attitude of Ivincent and Robinson.。
A person will never let an ordinary person wear a doctor’s clothes to perform an operation on himself,But now Dawson, whose breathing is not smooth, has no right to choose。
There has been a brief lapse of eyesight,Lips also started to turn white and chapped。
Dawson would love to say to Ivincent and Robinson,I might be able to survive for a while,Their two smart geniuses can quickly work out a plan to send themselves to the hospital。
“I want to know after the operation,Am i still alive?”
There is still a little conscious Dawson has discovered the hallucinations he has produced,I was thinking of asking Evincent and Robinson to take myself to the hospital,But when the words came out,It becomes other words。
Breathing gradually becomes difficult,And more and more difficult,Dawson’s breathing also appeared weak。