I didn’t expect this kid to be so difficult,Chen Guanfeng’s face changed slightly。

at this time,Liu Yi suddenly roared and rushed towards the opponent。
boom!Chen Guanfeng kicked Liu Yi’s thigh,They didn’t even say anything,Still firmly leaning over。
The distance between the two of them is closer again,The only thing left is Wangbaquan, which is more reliable.。
Coincidentally,The two in the battle raised their fists,Hit the opponent’s face hard。
boom!boom!The two were hit almost at the same time。
Liu Yi gritted his teeth,Even think about it,Another fist went straight to Chen Guanfeng’s handsome face and greeted。
Chen Guanfeng hesitated,Change fist to elbow,He pressed an elbow to Liu Yi’s chest。
As the saying goes,An inch short,One inch insurance,In the street fight,The elbow is always stronger than the fist,More lethal,So Chen Guanfeng is good at using his brain,Know how to maximize one’s own advantages。
And Liu Yi is obviously a single-celled animal,without thinking,Punch and hit。
quickly,Both of them have been tricked,Painful。
Logically,Liu Yi should be injured more severely,But it looks like,The two actually fought a close match,have equal shares,Can’t see the difference。
The audience above sees it,Enthusiasm,Desperately applauded。
But Xu Hong, who knows how to fight, is confused,Unknown。According to his judgment,Chen Guanfeng should have won,That Liu Yi suffered all heavy hands,There’s no reason to stand still。
It’s a pity that the situation on the scene is completely different,Don’t play cards according to common sense!
Did Chen Guanfeng release the water??impossible!Xu Hong is even more puzzled。
at last,It’s the layman Jiang Jingchuan who saw some ways,Muttered:“I go!This buddy is too resistant!It’s a personal sandbag,And it also comes with automatic blood return。”
This remark,Xu Hong suddenly realized,For a long time,Not because Liu Yi can beat Chen Guanfeng,But he is more resistant than the opponent。