“When I was walking in the village,I passed by Yangshan’s house,I heard movement inside,Those guys want to beat you up,You are afraid to give up those things。”

Widow Liu knows that Qin Feng is capable,But she is even more aware that an open spear is easy to hide from a dark arrow,If Qin Feng was tricked,,That would be really miserable。
There are many people fighting Qin Feng in the village,So she is not sure what good Qin Feng will have。
“Ha ha,Those guys can’t make waves here,And I have a contract,They can’t do anything。”
Qin Feng said disdainfully,He has enough capital to say this,A group of ordinary people in front of his innate state,Don’t you want to make trouble??
Widow Liu frowned and said:“You have to be careful,Those guys might be messy。And those contracts are not everything,There have always been fists in the village。”
What Widow Liu said is right,Whose fist is big,That’s who decides。
To say that the law is in the village,That’s a joke。
Because the law is always enforced,Once the people here make a move together,It’s impossible to take the entire village away,Unless it’s a major incident like a small number of drug trafficking,Otherwise, under normal circumstances,That is the law does not blame the public。
This is also the reason why many local villagers feel confident。
Qin Feng still doesn’t care,Because his strength is really not just talking。
Widow Liu could not dissuade Qin Feng,She can only leave helplessly。
Qin Feng knew in his heart,Those people for profit,It is possible to do anything。
In that case,Naturally, these contracts cannot be kept in the house。