This feeling is terrible!Lu Menglin only felt like a bug stuck on a spider web,Completely lost the strength to struggle,Can only be eaten easily by the opponent。

In a blink of an eye,Lu Menglin made a bean-like noise all over,Endless。
This process lasted for nearly a minute,Make the horse so good,Red face,Sweating,My eyes are almost bursting。
“Can’t pay,Can’t pay!The medicine in this kid is too strong,Too thick!I feel terrible!I can not make it!I’m going back。Go,Go!”
Ma Haoqi shrinks his hands,Yelling wildly,Got out of the door like flying,No one is seen。
Lu Menglin felt that his body was empty at the moment,As if hungry for many days,Subconsciously swallowed。
Throat,Grumbling in belly。
Only then did Lu Menglin suddenly feel shocked,My body can move,Control of the body is finally back。
At this moment,Tu Ching’s voice rang in Lu Menglin’s ears.,“The power of the secret medicine is not what you think,It can kill,Can also save people。It all depends on who uses it。”
Lu Menglin nodded,True color:“Yes!If you do these things to prove it,Then you have done it。Tu Ching,I owe you a favor,What do you want me to do?Speak directly!Stop going in circles!”
Lying down for so many days,Lu Menglin had already thought clearly,This Tu Chunchan brought himself here,Without hurting yourself,Mostly want something。
Instead of playing a puzzle with him,It’s better to go straight,Speak clearly,Lest you continue to be entangled。
“You didn’t practice your Kung Fu right,Now just break and stand。Wait for you to get started,I’ll tell you again!”Tu Chu said with a smile。
Before Lu Menglin could react,Tu Chu chuckles again:“Don’t be too happy!If you fail to practice,,I’m afraid I can never leave here,By then your family and friends outside will be dead,Don’t blame me。”
“what?”Lu Menglin was surprised,Listen to each other,I still have to stay here for a long time。
“This seat will only teach you three months。Within three months,If your martial arts can’t enter the room,Then stay and mine with them!”