Zheng Ziling turned to look at Huang Zetao’s back,Genius means to draw oneself out of the circle,Crazy behavior,Isn’t he afraid of his revenge afterwards?

The gaze never left from Huang Zetao’s back,Zheng Ziling suddenly laughed again,What the old sister said about campus life,It’s really interesting!
“What am i doing?Watch a play!”
Zheng Ziling found that the people around him were looking at him again,Too lazy to explain why I am laughing,Zheng Ziling only said flatly。
Confused by Zheng Ziling’s two inexplicable laughs,But now the boss ordered,Everyone can watch the show at ease,After all, watching the excitement,It’s a habit that has been passed down by Huaxia for thousands of years.。
“Has your injury been cured??I started to have epilepsy while walking!”
Walk to Lingyun,Huang Zetao has not had time to speak,Xiangyang had already made a sound。
Opened his mouth,What Huang Zetao originally wanted to say is not even a little sound。Then Huang Zetao quickly thought,What Xiang Yang said was not the friction between two people during military training.,It refers to the meeting of two people in an Internet cafe。
“It’s you guys!”
Huang Zetao was so anxious that he trembled。
“My name is Xiangyang,Not really!”
The ironic smile on Xiangyang’s face seemed to say to Huang Zetao,Nothing you guessed,Grandma did it!
Huang Zetao’s breathing is getting faster and faster,Ling Yun is also ready for Xiangyang’s current fist,Even Zheng Ziling in the distance has made plans to find faults in the future to help the sun avenge an arrow.,Xiangyang is the only one in the audience who looks at Huang Zetao carelessly,As if nothing happened。
“it is good!well!very good!”
Huang Zetao smiled angrily,But soon,Huang Zetao’s smile was completely frozen on his face。
“What good?A good hotel was broken up like this,I don’t know anyone who would have thought you were students of Wanghai University?People who don’t know,I thought you were a criminal gang!”
Everyone is ready for a big battle,But a slightly rickety figure suddenly appeared in the eyes of everyone,Let everyone’s plotting in their hearts miss the scene。