“grandfather,Grandson did something wrong,Grandpa will punish me。”

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty What is their relationship
“Oh,Lu Liang will do something wrong?impossible?”The aunt who knows most about words and colors takes the lead in expressing her attitude,“dad,Even if Lu Liang did something wrong,You are not allowed to punish him,My nephew is the successor of our Lu family,Future owner,How can I punish at will。”
“Just,Yuwan is right,Lu Liang has already taken over the company,How can you punish you?。”
The second uncle’s aunt, Gao Xiuying, loves telling things,Also meet the windshield most,Her family’s business still depends on Lu Liang for help,Let him take the punishment now,Help quickly,Such a big favor,Can’t fall。
Grandma looked at grandson disapprovingly,Pretending to ask angrily:“What’s wrong with you?tell me the story,If it’s really unforgivable,Grandma will punish you。”
Liang Mingyue knows how important his son is in the eyes of his in-laws,Even if it is really punished,Just mean,Nothing will happen。
I just smiled,Didn’t even ask,And Lu Jinning continue to entertain guests。
Lu Jia can be inACity takes a place,The old man takes the lead,Don’t look old,The mind is still wise,Think a little bit,Already understands grandson’s intentions,“Speak,Take advantage of Grandpa’s mood today,Maybe I can spare you。”
“I thanked Grandpa first。”
“brother,What did you do wrong,Mysterious,Hurry up。”
Lu Xin is very strange,From small to large,The brother who is excellent in every aspect has never made any mistakes,All grown up,Can still do something wrong?Still at grandpa’s birthday banquet,She doesn’t believe it。
Lu Liang glanced at their relatives,The volume is not loud but the words are clear,“grandfather,I don’t know you want to buy a car for Yaoer,I have ordered a limited edition sports car one step ahead of you,Gave her a birthday present。”
A table of people are silent,All eyes widened,Looked at the next Patriarch in amazement,This this this,What’s the situation?