“Huang Zetao is afraid,So I pulled you over as a cushion?”

Zheng Ziling looked at Xiang Chen curiously,A small smile barely squeezed out on his face。
“Did you use me as a backing? I don’t know,But Huang Zetao was injured by me!”
When Xiang Chen was talking to Zheng Ziling,Also pay attention to the people in the Ivy League team,Looks like there is no one who can fight。
I heard Xiang Chen’s words,Zheng Ziling was finally curious,I looked at Xiang Chen once。
“I don’t have much time,I will try to help you drag one away,The rest is up to you!”
The rest time is over soon,Zheng Ziling rushed to the center of the ring again,It’s just that he didn’t realize what he said to Xiang Chen。
About a quarter of an hour,Zheng Ziling was taken to Xiang Chen’s side。
Xiang Chen didn’t say anything to ridicule Zheng Ziling,At least the person in front of you lasted till the end,I have no strength to stand up。
“Leave the rest to me!”
Patted Zheng Ziling on the shoulder,Xiang Chen began to warm up。
“brothers,We can’t afford to lose!”
Xiang Chen wants to be on stage,Zheng Ziling suddenly stopped him。
“We have lost track and field,If we are fighting, we are losing,Wanghai University has been losing streak for ten years!We can’t afford to lose。”