“Imperial porcelain?”Old Hong was slightly surprised。

To know,Ancient ancestors respected yellow since Sui and Tang Dynasties,Yellow glazed porcelain has also become the royal porcelain,In Ming and Qing Dynasties, civil kilns were only used by the courts, and those who violated the production must not be punished heavily。
I ignored Mr. Hong,Chairman Fang encouraged Populus:“go on。”
“Look at the color first,This delicate yellow is difficult to make in other times,It represents the peak of the yellow-glazed porcelain craftsmanship at that time。
then,Let’s take a look at the thick glaze,Orange peel,Rugged,White glaze inside the bottom foot。
In addition,The glaze is relatively fine,The bottom of the utensil flashes blue,The bottom of the bowl is thinner than the Yongxuan device,But it’s still half-permeable。
From these characteristics,Basically it can be judged that it is a yellow-glazed porcelain from the Hongzhi period。”
Hu Yang finished,There was a small uproar at the scene。
Need to know,The yellow-glazed porcelain in the Hongzhi period is almost perfect,It was also the most successful period of yellow glaze firing in the entire Ming Dynasty,Reach the highest level of low-temperature glaze in history。
Because its yellow is particularly delicate,Like the color of chicken fat,therefore,Also known as Jiaohuang and Chicken Oil Yellow。The most famous yellow glaze in Hongzhi Dynasty,Delicate color,Can be called a typical work of Hongzhi official kiln。
and so,If it’s as Hu Yang said,The value of this yellow glazed porcelain plate will be very high,Millions are for sure。
“Ugh!I didn’t pay attention to the plate just now。”
“Careless!”Some colleagues look at Lao Li,Eyes full of sympathy,If he insists for a while,Sure to make millions。
“Yes!Everyone’s attention is on the bionic porcelain。”
“After all,Or we are not careful enough。”