Without hurting Li Tianxing’s life,,Xiang Chen feels a little pain in his palm!

Li Tianxing looked at Xiang Chen next to him angrily,Hold your head up to show that you are not convinced,Anyway, the swollen face has lost consciousness,Been beaten by Xiang Chen several times,Li Tianxing also feels indifferent!
Thinking,Maybe the two lunatics in my car are really not afraid to die with them.,Li Tianxing can only drive silently by himself。
Mouth making a faint sound,It might be the last mouth Xiang Chen used a little bit of strength,When Li Tianxing wants to say something,His voice is so blurred that it is indistinguishable,In the end, I could only give up the idea of chatting with Mo Mo。
The convoy drove slowly into the boundary of Honolulu,The villa area in sight,The only four words that flickered in Xiang Chenman’s mind are rich or noble!
“Have never seen such a house?!Turtle!”
After a few minutes of cultivation,Li Tianxing’s words can already be heard clearly。
Mo Mo smiled but said nothing,When Xiang Chen heard Li Tianxing’s words, he thought about it seriously,Then slowly said:“Such a big house,I haven’t lived,It has blown up a lot!”
Xiang Chen answered very seriously,But in Li Tianxing’s opinion,This guy next to me is probably bragging!
Pouted,But when Li Tianxing saw the palm that Xiang Chen wanted to raise,When he reached his lips, he swallowed it abruptly。
The convoy drove slowly to the top of the mountain,The speed is much slower。
“Do you Chinese people like to live so high??Wouldn’t it be hard to get rheumatism??”
Thinking of the heights where Xiang Yang often talks to himself,Every time Xiang Chen understands, he feels that the person who wrote this sentence is a rheumatism patient。
I don’t understand why some Chinese people are proud of Gao,And still feeling,How does Xiang Chen feel that Xiang Yang said another sentence in life, you must have a good time and be more relevant to life。
“What do you know!”
Li Tianxing rolled his eyes,The second half sentence in my mind“Soil buns”I didn’t say anything after all,Yu Guang saw Xiang Chen’s hand that had been stopped in midair and let go,Li Tianxing was also quietly relieved。
“Get off here,Someone inside is waiting for you。”
Li Tianxing stopped the car,Seeing Xiang Chen frowning,Li Tianxing pointed at his sad face patiently and said:“I feel distressed when my mom sees me like this!Need to deal with it!”