Mr. Yao thought Xia Chenglong was messing around!

“Not so,But I think President Ma said to invite me over!”
Mr. Yao carefully recalled,President Ma did say that,Let him invite a little friend to come to him,But in his opinion,This please is just a pronoun,Doesn’t make any sense!
“Kid,Don’t shame you,It’s already a great honor for President Ma to ask you to go,Don’t know good or bad!”
Ha ha!
Xia Chenglong directly stretched,Make up to go back to rest。
“Ok,Then you can do it,But I want to remind you,Today unless I take my body,Otherwise it’s impossible to follow you!”The other party hasn’t spoken yet,Xia Chenglong continued:“As for your master’s asking why,Reason you should clear。”
Mr. Yao is in a dilemma。
The chairman did use it“please”word,Who would have thought that the kid in front of him had such a clear control over the situation,If he didn’t follow the above,That’s his mistake。
it is good,Then he will use the way,If the other party doesn’t go,Don’t blame him then。
I saw the martial artist who entered the holy realm,Actually bent over at Xia Chenglong,Show respect。
“Aaron Brothers,President Ma specially invited the little brother to the headquarters,I wonder if?”