Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa took the opportunity of disintegration to dig Kayapa from the Mili Design Bureau with a lot of effort.,It is one of the top experts that Chairman Chen Geng brought back from the Soviet Union by taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of the disintegration of the Soviet Union.,Before being dug,Capaya is the deputy chief designer of the Miri Design Bureau,Has been the second chief designer of Miri Design Bureau Marat·Nikolayevich·Jishenke’s deputy(Malate·Nikolayevich·Jishenke is the founder of Mili Design Bureau Mikhail·Leondijevic·Mili students)。

In any country,Victor·Vladimirovich·Talents like Kayapa are the treasures of the country,belong“Even if you die, it won’t be available to other countries”Kind of,Chen Geng also knows this very well,In order to put Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa successfully went home,Chen Geng even did not hesitate to create a fire、Forged Victor·Vladimirovich·The illusion that Kayapa died in a fire,It took a lot of effort to get this top helicopter expert trained by the Soviet government back to China。
Once in China,Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa immediately became the pillar of COMAC in the field of helicopters,The whole group honoured this master as an ancestor——anyway,If it’s not for the ancestor of Kayapadang,,It is impossible for him to do anything to break into the office。
In this way,Wang Dazhi became more curious,Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa must see herself,Even moved out of his identity,What is it for?
First1335chapter Designers who want to express themselves
See Wang Dazhi admitted that he is the chief designer of the group’s helicopter business,Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa nodded,Asked again:“So why did the group decide to study the gunship,I do not know?”
Wang Dazhi was stunned for a moment before he realized Victor·Vladimirovich·The meaning in Kayapa,Quickly smiled:“Mr. Kayapa,You misunderstood,We are not going to develop a new armed helicopter,But……Ok,This matter is not confirmed yet。”
“not sure yet?”Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa was taken aback,immediately,The excited expression on his face suddenly eased a bit:“what’s going on?As the chief designer of COMAC Helicopters,No matter what is going on,As long as it involves helicopters,I have the right to know?”
“Yes,it’s my mistake,”Wang Dazhi happy to Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa apologizes:“I promise that this will never happen again。”
“ok,”Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa nodded,That this incident is over,He is curious:“what is the problem?”
Wang Dazhi didn’t hide it from him:“Kayapa,You may not know,For a long time,Our country’s armed helicopters actually don’t take it seriously,Think this thing contains ammunition、Not as fast as fighter jets,Put this thing into actual combat,Is a living target,Helicopters can only engage in some second-line activities such as transportation。”
“This view is wrong,”Victor·Vladimirovich·Kayapa frowned,As a helicopter expert,He is quite upset with this view:“In modern warfare,There is no absolute superior weapon,Gunships have their own disadvantages,Also has its own advantages,Whether it’s the Afghanistan War or the Gulf War,All proved that there is a stage for armed helicopters in modern warfare……”
“Of course,”Wang Dazhi hurriedly said:“Our country is like this,After the Gulf War,The above is aware of the special role of professional armed helicopters in modern warfare,But Mr. Kayapa, you have been to China for a while,should know,If we say that our country and the West in terms of fighter jets、If there is a generation gap in the Soviet Union,Then in the helicopter field,Us and the west、The gap between the Soviet Union is more than two generations,Especially before you come,There is hardly anything commendable in our country in the field of helicopters——This is the talent gap,Mr. Kayapa,If you can,Can you bring two more students?”