As for the high intelligence costs for these rebels, they are really reluctant。

But there will also be different voices within the priesthood,They would like to have their own intelligence team,And after the reform, the thoughts of rectifying internal personnel。After all, they find that the cohesion of their team does not seem to be very high。just,The high-level elders,In fact, most of them have lost their fighting spirit,Even think,Their organization over the years has not necessarily grown stronger。
So even if there is a different voice,The inside of the priesthood remains the same。But they
It’s not eliminated by history。The reason is actually very simple,Because they can live by keeping these old karma。Even the profit is quite a lot,That’s enough!
To know,Their priesthood is also related to the upper echelons of many countries。Someone up there,So after so many years,It wiped out the hearts of a large part of people。Even just thinking about being content。
As the saying goes, the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked。
most of the time,The people above did not lead by example,The gang of bastards underneath will do the same。In the end, even these guards themselves became very frustrated。
Seeing them hesitate,Qin Feng is also angry,“If you don’t move, I’ll move!”
Saying Qin Feng rushed up。
Although the two captains were shocked,But still shot at the same time。
The original intention of the two captains was to besiege Qin Feng,But the existence of Bill makes them unable to get started。As for Qin Feng’s first intention, of course it’s impossible to say that he wants to monopolize the two.。But the two captains rarely do heads-ups,So the two of them were set up right away。
“Bill,Put all the other players down!”
Although Qin Feng is besieged by two heavenly ranks, he will feel pressure,But even if there is pressure, it is impossible to knock him down in a short time。So I just met the two directly。
And this time,Qin Feng’s prediction skills were unexplainably activated。
What made him unexpected is,Under anticipation,These two captains actually have an idea to play Otamendi。But also right,Because their goal is always only one person,As long as Otamendi is dead,Their task is done。Then you can retreat directly regardless of Qin Feng。
It’s really good calculation!