First visit,Or a relative of Wu Dashan,Xiaoli still calls her cousin。But this is such an aunt,Back then, the most vigorous discussion secretly。

at this time,Very embarrassing to come,Wu Dashan and others didn’t invite her in and sit,Just leave her。
At last,Xiaoli still speaks:“Auntie,Sit down!”
The woman chuckled,Speak hard:“Xiaoli,I used to talk too much,Sorry!”
Can’t help but apologize,Let’s not say that I am asking for others now,Just say Wu Dashan’s,From now on,No longer a poor relative,It’s better not to make the relationship so stale。
Xiaoli doesn’t want to talk about the past,No answer,Just handed her a cup of tea。
Unfortunately,What she brought,Not very valuable。There are two or three things worth three or several thousand,But something like this,It’s also harder to find a buyer。
The woman left with disappointment and regret。
then,Another woman came home,Also brought a lot of things。Compared to the previous one,As soon as this woman came in,Was warmly received by the Wu family。
Xiaoli secretly introduced Hu Yang,This is a widow,But the people in the village respect it。Her husband,Used to be a soldier,But during an emergency rescue,Heroic sacrifice。
At that time,This woman is only 23 years old,Lots of youth。But to take care of the young and old at home,Disregarding her parents’ persuasion,Stay here,Support for the elderly,Raising young children。
This home,It can be said that she has been working hard for almost ten years。
Only 33 years old,Looks a few years older than Xiaoli’s mother,Rough skin,Simple dress,Hair is tied up with a rubber band,Very simple。
It turned out to be a military wife,To this kind of person,Populus admires,So identify what she brought,Is more serious。
however,It is a pity,Are some common objects,Not worth at all。Populus shook his head:“These are not good,a while,I’ll visit your house!”