But anyway,Sanchez once invested and helped Qiao Tianyu build his zero-point fund when Qiao Tianyu had nothing.,This has provided Qiao Tianyu with a stage to stand out and become famous.。

So to Sanchez,Qiao Tianyu is grateful,Surely he won’t turn against Sanchez because of his bad tone。
Dare not neglect,Qiao Tianyu quickly explained a few words to Michelle,Let her go back,Then Qiao Tianyu hurried to the No. 1 beach of the beach hotel。
First0372chapter The duel between the founders
At this time under the pressure of dark clouds,It’s getting darker,The wind is getting stronger,And the temperature dropped sharply,Let the high temperature of nearly 40 degrees drop suddenly to 20 degrees,Qiao Tianyu was shaking with the cold。
What the hell did Sanchez do?,You come early or late,I have to come in this spooky weather,And meet on the beach,Could you just find a coffee shop to talk about?,Doesn’t it smell?
But now that Sanchez brought it up,Qiao Tianyu is not too shameless,I had to hurry to that1Run to the beach。
Originally overcrowded1Beach,In the storm“Drive away”under,At this time people have gone to Tankong,Look around,I can vaguely see a figure sitting on a beach chair in the distance。
Qiao Tianyu didn’t hesitate,Hurry up against the cold wind凉Chair ran over,as expected,Wait until you walk in,That person is indeed Sanchez!
But at this time Sanchez is wearing sunglasses,Staring attentively at the lightning between clouds above the sea in the distance,Waiting for Qiao Tianyu to run over panting,He just patted another one beside him凉chair,Simply said,“sit down。”
“Dude,Or let’s go back to the hotel first,The cafe in the hotel is also quite quiet。”
Qiao Tianyu will take Sanchez and leave quickly,Look at the weather,It won’t be long before the rain falls。